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Zoe Anderson, 12, learning waterskiing run over by father on Newfound Lake

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A young girl, all of 12 years died, while learning waterski on Newfound Lake in Bridgewater. The little child was very excited about the entire experience, when all of a sudden, things changed for the worse not just for her but for the entire family.

The incident was so bizarre and it so suddenly that no one could have done anything to avoid what happened. Reports suggest that the twelve year old girl who has been identified as Zoe Anderson was actually run over by a boat driven by her father who was going there to fetch the girl and take her home.

When the incident took place, the father was not alone on the boat. He was accompanied by several member of his family. Reports suggest that as winds were blowing fast, he tried to adjust his cap, got distracted and when he could understand as to what was going to happen, everything was lost.

The incident happened early in the morning, at around 8:30 a.m. on Monday when she fell. A report suggest that the child’s father who has been identified as Sherwood Anderson, became distracted when his hat blew off his head, and he accidentally ran over his daughter at a low speed, according to New Hampshire Marine Patrol officials.

The child, according to authorities sustained grievous injuries to her torso as the boat passed over her. Sgt. Joshua Dirth was quoted by WMUR-TV as saying that “The boat was attempting to bring the ski line back to the skier…The operator was momentarily distracted, and as a result, the boat did strike the victim at a slow rate of speed, but unfortunately, the victim sustained serious injuries.”

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