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Ziad Ahmed gets accepted at Stanford thanks to Hashtag #BlackLivesMatter

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New Jersey: Ziad Ahmed has got admission at Stanford. He is a very talented young man has been an activist for several years. He also got an invitation at a White House dinner during President Obama’s reign. It is unknown if he will be able to win an invitation during President Donald Trump’s administration.

Despite being all of 18 years, he has years of field activism experience and was behind an initiative to fight discrimination. He launched an anti-discrimination organization called Redefy, a group composed of 250 students

While many bright students apply for Ivy League schools and Stanford, but just a few of them are actually short listed and selected. They need to have some special talent that helps them beat thousand of other students.

While filling up the admission form, Ziad Ahmed realized an important component was missing amid a flurry of standardized test scores and extracurricular activities: his voice and passion. So when he saw the question “What matters to you, and why?”, he realized that it was time to actually reveal his biggest concern. And he wrote “#BlackLivesMatter” 100 times. He wanted to show his deep concern for the cause and discrimination that black people actually face across the nation in their daily lives.

ABC News quoted the 18-year old as saying, “It was important to me that the admissions officers literally hear my impatience for justice and the significance of this issue…The hashtag conveys my frustration with the failure of judicial system to protect the black community from violence, systemic inequity, and political disenfranchisement…I wanted to demonstrate that the essence of what motivates me as a learner, a member of a faith community, and a global citizen is my passion to be a part of change-making”.

Ziad Ahmed’s admission has been confirmed by Stanford. He belongs to Princeton, New Jersey.



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