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Willie Nelson dead or alive – ‘I woke up still not dead again today’ watch the VIDEO

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Los Angeles: Willie Nelson dead or alive has been among the highest searched items on the internet these past weeks. Over the years umpteen rumors of his death have been spread by spammers through fake sites and from fake social media accounts.

While such rumors might be enough to give heart attacks to many lesser mortals, Willie Nelson is made of a different stuff altogether. Or he has become adept in dealing with such rumors over the years and this is the reason he doesn’t feel offended when he hears about such rumors.

Merely a couple of weeks ago too, the rumors of the ‘deathly illness’ of the American singer were going viral. It is notwithstanding the fact that the singer was hale and hearty and apparently didn’t suffer from any major health issues.

In response to such rumors, Elaine Schock, Nelson’s publicist, denied the reports and pointed to his performances at concerts in recent weeks as evidence of the singer’s health. “He’s perfectly fine,” Schock told the Associated Press on Wednesday. The 83-year-old took the stage before more than 75,000 people at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at NRG Stadium on March 18. He appeared healthy and sang well during the show. The Houston concert was part of a series of shows in Texas and Florida over the past two months. It is true that flu ‘bad cold’ had forced him to cancel a couple of performances, but he made a spirited comeback on Feb 16.

His song ridicules the rumors of death.
“I woke up still not dead again today
The Internet said I had passed away
If I died I wasn’t dead to stay
I woke up still not dead again today.

When asked as to how he came with such song, the singer said, “Oh, I don’t know — I’ve been killed several times through the years…And so I just thought I’d write something funny about it.” A CBSNews while talking about him says, “It’s easy for Willie Nelson to laugh off these greatly exaggerated rumors of his demise. Closing in on his 84th birthday, he’s on the road again — performing, writing music, and a new album out later this month. “God’s Problem Child” is his 110th, give or take, with songs like “Still Not Dead” and “Old Timer.””

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