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Will Azam Khan decimate Rampur’s nawab family in UP polls 2017?


Rampur: Suwar assembly constituency, formerly known as Suar-Tanda in Muslim dominated Rampur district will be witnessing an interesting competition during UP election 2017. Suwar is called the city of madarsas due to huge number of religious seminaries scattered across the constituency with dominating minarets. Rice is its major economic source. It is also the administrative area that pays the highest taxes in the district.

From this place, this time Abdullah Azam, son of senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, is fighting election. He is pitted against four times winner Nawab Kazim Ali Khan (Nawed Mian), the scion of Rampur’s nawab family. He is representing BSP. The other opposition candidates include Lakshmi Saini of BJP, who lost to Nawed Mian the last two times.abdullah azam khan azam khan


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This time the competition is fierce Azam Khan has declared the end of the political era dominated by Nawabs. He has been preparing Swar and Tanda for his son’s stint for the last two years now.

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During this time, considerable amount of money has been spent in developmental work in the area. His mark is very much visible all over the area. The area is being thronged by the likes of Bhumi Vikas Chairman Bank Haji Muhammad Jamil. Chairman Nagar Palika Tanda Shahabuddin Ghauri. And Deputy Chairman Nagar Palika Mahmooduzzafar Rahmani, appealing voters to support Abdullah Azim.

As opposed to this, the madrasas are silent and various groups are keeping mum on probable voting pattern this time. The last two years have seen forced intrusions into the land allocated for graveyards and mosques and taking of undue advantage of government powers.

Muslims are guarded about this. They claim that they do not want the kind of development that demolishes Madarsas and desecrates graves, bulldozes houses and shops. They fear these activities will gain momentum if Abdullah Azim wins. The public is of the opinion that Nawed Mian is the kind of selfless person who neither profits nor takes advantage of anyone.

The local public also confesses that though Abdullah Azam is very visible in Tanda, there is no perceptible impact of his or his father’s in the rural areas. This is due to lack of political experience in the rural politics of the area. The voters were asked that if this is the case then how is Azam Khan so sure of his son’s success.

Azam Khan is said to have a strong hold on the rural voters. He is known to be close to individual members of the society in a way that is exemplary. Similar is the case of Nawed Mian who is known to have his father Nawab Makki Mian’s trait, who was so close and familiar with those he represented that he knew the names of individuals of rural households of the village.

In the meantime People are greatly disapproving of Azam Khan’s ways of administration, and it can have adverse repercussions in the coming election for his son. Haji Mohammad Jamil is campaigning for Abdullah Azam and leaving no stone unturned to gain approval of the prominent members of the society. Shareef Jamil, Government Inter College Teacher’s Association’s chief, is also of the opinion that Abdullah Azam would win by a wide margin because they are known to work actively for the people and favour development of Tanda. (Translated from Inquilab)

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