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Why Urdu media believes EVM tampering helped BJP win in UP

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Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) can be tampered with in a way that whatever button is pressed, the vote goes to the ‘lotus’ icon of BJP. As soon as the UP Election results were out, BSP supremo Mayawati raised this issue. BJP and it’s loyal media dismissed her claim as a sign of frustratio at her big loss. Most were of this opinion and dismissed Mayawati’s claim.

The arguments against Mayawati were that if EVMs could be tampered with then BJP should have won in Delhi and Bihar in 2015. And BJP wouldn’t have lost this time in Punjab, Goa and Manipur. But now the people behind such arguments are silenced as proofs are coming out that EVMs were really tampered.

It can be seen that the big loss in Delhi and Bihar in 2015 has prompted BJP to resort to these methods to create a mammoth win in politically most crucial state of UP. Had the EVMs been tampered in all the states, it would surely have seemed fishy. So BJP took the stealthy course of tampering in one state big enough to assure the bigger victory, and let the other parties win in smaller states.

Now if the newly found facts are juxtaposed to the results of the Election, then many reasons come to light that prompted BJP to resort to this crooked means of confirming a victory. Akhilesh Yadav was proving to be a big threat to Modi. He was rising with a momentum that was powerful enough to topple Modi and overtake him.

He needed to be removed from the scene. So EVMs had to be tampered. BJP could not just let matter rest in the hands of the voters. They were deemed to reject Modi after his unpopular demonetisation and extremist policies. Especially UP, where the econimy is mostly based on small scale industries that were most hard hit by Modi’s demonetisation scheme.

Remarks by Modi just before the results were out smell very fishy. Modi was said to have remarked that there is a chance of a hung Assembly in UP. He also said that BJP would get a majority of 3/4 or 2/3 in UP. These kinds of confirmed statements just 24 hours before the results are out do hint that he knew well about the foul play with EVMs.

It has been confirmed now that EVMS can be tampered with. A chip can be inserted in EVM that will make sure that every second or third time any button is pressed, the vote will go to a predetermined icon only (in UP case, to BJP’s lotus icon).

Previously this issue was raised by BSP leader Satish Mishra that EVMs can be tampered with and the government needs to look into this matter and upgrade the voting system to make it tamperproof. He had cited the book by GVL Narasimha in which he had proven that technology that is available in the country as well as abroad can be used to easily tamper with the EVMs used in India.

He declared these machines as bogus. It is very strange that this sensational finding was not reported anywhere in media then. Ironically, Lal Krishna Advani had declared EVMs to be nin-trustworthy in 2009 just before UPA took power in UP. Recently a video by Subramanyam Swami went viral in which he listed the lacunae in EVMs in detail.

All this has come to light and prove how BJP rule in UP is really fraudulent. But legally, not much can be done. Long before any decision can be reached on this matter by Indian courts, BJP would have crossed the hurdle of 2019 Election and got what it wanted. (Translated from Inquilab by Nabila Habib)

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