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Why Delhi Waqf Board is looking like an orphan’s property?

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New Delhi: The issue of Delhi Waqf Board properties was discussed in Delhi assembly in detail this past week. There is large-scale corruption in the Board that has deprived the community of prime real estate properties across the Indian capital. A resolution was passed against the high corruption rate in the Waqf Board and a top officer of the Board.

There is no denying that the Delhi Waqf Board, like waqf boards across the country is mired in serious corruption where valuable board properties have been sold to land shark for pittance by none other than board officials. Many properties are usurped by city governments and other government institutions due to lack of their arrangements.

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Many ‘believers’ with huge mark of piety on their foreheads tend to forcefully occupy the board properties.

If you want to get an idea as to how prime lands owned by Waqf Board can be occupied, you should go to the Millennium Park just across Kale Khan Inter State Bus Terminus on Outer Ring Road. A very popular place for the young people in Delhi, the place was a documented graveyard that was occupied by Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Like many other properties, the MCD claim was never contested by the Delhi Waqf Board. It woke up very late, when the construction was complete and ever sign of the place being graveyard was removed. It is needless to say that the long drawn court battle is being half-heartedly fought due to pressure from some RTI soldiers.

In the meantime, amid intense debate in the Delhi assembly Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Okhla, Amanatullah Khan, resigned from the Board.

Suraj Bhardwaj said that prime waqf board properties are being illegally occupied and Waqf Board officials are in cahoots with the land mafia. They are handing over waqf properties to land sharks for pittance and depriving the Delhi Waqf Board of substantial sources of income in the future. Bhardwaj went on to add that these Waqf Board officials tend to support their benefactors in the land mafia in courts and use every trick to defeat the cause of their own employer.

Bhardwaj, while giving the example of illegal land grabbing at the Mausoleum of Hazrat Khwaja Naseeruddin Chiragh Dehli said that one portion of the land was illegally occupied by someone who also started construction at the site. When the locals protested against the illegal land grabbing, the police came. But the case was registered not against the land grabber, but the people who protested the illegal land occupation of the Waqf Board property. He suggested that the officer, against whom a resolution was moved in the Assembly told the police that the land was not board’s property. When confronted by MLAs he admitted that he was working under the pressure of a Muslim MLA and a top Delhi Waqf Board official.

He told the assembly that the said official has destroyed the board files from offices to ensure that even if the case is filed in the court, there is no proof left to show that it was indeed a board property.

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