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Who was the London attacker – Khalid Masood, terror attack suspect killed by police

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London: The UK Parliament attack that killed at least five people and injured another 40 has shocked the entire world. The attack that was caught live on television networks and was witnessed by MPs, and ministers from close quarters was more deadly than initially thought.

While initially it was being said that around a dozen people were injured in the attack, later it transpired that the number was much higher than initial estimates. More than forty people were injured, many of them grievously.
The Scotland Yard detectives had reportedly secured Prime Minister Theresa May as soon as the reports of the purported attack started coming out. She was taken to a secure place by her security retinue.

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According to NPR, officials have claimed that they have recognized the man who was behind the attack. He has been identified as Khalid Masood by Britain’s Metropolitan Police. Authorities are of the view that the attacker who drove his vehicle to unsuspecting passersby on the Westminster Bridge, acted alone. Later, the attacker was shot and killed as he killed a police officer and two civilians.

The man is British born and an Aljazeera report claims that he was born in Kent. Khalid Masood, according to police “was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack…However, he was known to police and has a range of previous convictions for assaults, including [grievous bodily harm ], possession of offensive weapons and public order offences”.

The way Masood attacked pedestrians walking on the Westminster Bridge was simply reprehensible. A report said that a group of French students were on the bridge at the time of incident and three of them were hit by Masood’s car. The car crashed near Parliament and Masood came out of the car carrying a knife with which he attacked whoever came close to him.

Now it transpires that the man accused for attacking the UK parliament was probed for terror links in the past. But he was absolved due to lack of evidence. British Prime Minister Theresa May was quoted by the media as saying that the attacker was actually known to British intelligence, saying in a speech to members of Parliament on March 23 that the he was “once investigated over concerns about violent extremism.”

Aljazeera report says that Masood taught English at a school in the London area. Sources told Sky’s Andy Hughes that he was a religious convert, though it’s currently unknown when he converted. Besides, he loved spending time in the gym as a bodybuilder in his spare time. He was also married and had three children, reports say.

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