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Who are the nowhere and disenfranchised Muslims living near Kairana

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Kairana: Shamli district has a village named Dabheri. On the outskirts of this village reside about a thousand forgotten families who have lost their right to vote. They did not get to vote in the first round of polling in US election 2017.

They have been overlooked by district administration, government, Election Commission and even Minorities Commission.

Three years ago villages Bhajo, Lhasadha and Bhagana were plagued with communal tension and riots between different religious groups. These people fled the strife-ridden area in the darkness of night and walked to the outskirts of village Dabheri. They build huts to protect them from the elements of nature and settled here.

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A year later these displaced villagers were noticed by Tayyab Trust of Deoband and the organisation built for them three hundred small houses. They were informed at that time that the colony has been approved by the government. Despite this assurance, they were only aided with electrical supply. All other means of livelihood and basic needs were denied to them. The colony has no drains or waste disposal system or area.

City President of Jamiatul Ulema, Master Samiullah Khan and General Secretary Hafiz Mubeen surveyed the area. The residents informed them that more than two dozen of them own ration cards, nearly all of them have adhaar cards. But the residents were informed that for them to vote in the Assembly Elections, they did not have voter ID cards. So they were devoid of their rights to vote.

The residents said that three months ago, some people came and asked the residents fill up BLO forms. But they never returned, nor gave any feedback or news. A week before the polling someone arrived in the colony and informed the residents that all their voter cards have been made and soon will be distributed to all the houses.

This gave the residents hope and they waited till the last moment, even on the day of polling, but no one came with their voter cards and they got no chance to vote. The disappointed residents remained disappointed. (Inquilab)

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