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What is the art of conversation: Islamic etiquette

By Maulana Farooq Khan (ViewsHeadlines)

Conversation is of paramount importance in human life. If you want to know a person, you just need to have a meaningful conversation with him. Piety is reflected in the words and conversation of pious people. And the people who have gone astray, heresy and wickedness will be reflected from words that they speak. Not just his words, but his style of conversation will also tell what sort of disposition he has.

If a man has no inner peace, his style of conversation will show his impatience, annoyance and edginess. Such people tend to make other people edgy and nervous. On the contrary, a man who has a peaceful heart possesses such power that can cure the tension in other people’s hearts and minds.

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The aspirations and ambitions are also reflected from a person’s conversation. People live on the strength of their aspirations and goal and a man’s real identity is through his ambitions. In the light of his ambitions, we can safely conclude whether he is a great man or an insignificant person who has no future. If his ideas and opinions reflect magnanimity and fairness, this will reflect from the words that come out of his lips. If a man has great ideas and his thoughts are bereft of lowly thinking, you can describe him in a single word.

The entire life of a person may attest to the fact that he is either illustrious and distinguished person or a lowly rascal. This depends on his character. Qur’an describes both types of quotes. The pious word is the one based on permanent good. It is the fountainhead of welfare, benefit and happiness.

It is not confined to a single point of time in the history. It is like an evergreen tree that gives sweet and healthy fruits. This word lives forever and remains fresh and attractive throughout the ages. It possesses the massive power to awaken not just mind but a dormant soul too. It realizes the truth of the life and cultivates deep-rooted relation with practical life.

When it comes to conversation, the following three points should always remain alive in our minds:


Whatever you speak, should always be truth. You should never allow any word to come out of your lips that is untrue and false. This leads to misguidance. The people writing mythical and fairy-tale stories have not kept this aspect in mind. They continued to create stories and many a times they presented such stories as true stories. The people reading such stories believe them to be nothing but truth and regarding those aspects that were beyond their comprehension, they thought they couldn’t understand as they lack the knowledge to do so. They firmly believe that whatever is in those religious books is nothing but truth. How good it would have been had they realized the importance of truth and could distinguish falsehood from truth. But the reality is they love such mythological stories more than truth and therefore became bereft of scientific aptitude.
Your words should contain truth and if it is untrue, it shouldn’t come on your lips. This is the most basic maxim of conversation and dialogue.


Another very important maxim regarding conversation and dialogue is that it shouldn’t be just true, but also virtuous. If it doesn’t contain something useful, there is no need to talk about it. If we could keep this maxim in mind, we can be saved from innumerable useless things and we will have more time to tell people about useful and virtuous things.


The third most important thing that should always be in the back of our minds is that everything needs to have appropriate timing. You should keep in mind appropriate time to utter words. If you have something good to tell, but the time is inappropriate, the good thing can have a sour effect. For example, in a marriage party, don’t haste in talking about some news that could make the occasion dull and destroy the happiness and joy in the air. You should delay the news for another time. Similarly, if you are sitting in a meeting called to mourn someone’s death, you should avoid laughter and amusement at every cost.

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