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We too conducted surgical strikes in Pakistan during UPA: Congress party

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New Delhi: As the nation is celebrating India’s surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) following the Uri terrorist attack in Kashmir Valley, Congress Party has said that it had also conducted surgical strikes inside Pakistan. The Congress party that led the United Progressive Alliance Government before BJP came to power at the center said that it had done the same during its rule.

It should be kept in mind that the opposition Congress Party has supported the Modi government’s decision to go for surgical strike inside Pakistan. It is altogether a different material that Pakistan has been denying that anything of this kind took place. It is saying that India has been firing from its border positions and that this caused the death of its two soldiers.


While claiming that it too did what Modi government has done now, the Congress party on Monday owned surgical strikes during UPA regime. This is first time that the government has taken “political ownership” of the military action.

Anand Sharma while talking about it said, “The thinking that this is the first time India Army has retaliated against a terror attack is not correct. It would be a dis-service to our forces…Each situation is not similar. In the wisdom of the UPA, the political ownership of such actions of the army was not considered necessary”.

He further said, “Our armed force have always responded as per the need or provocation when it came to defending our country. We must not ever be made to believe that in the past, the Indian forces were taking a beating without responding effectively.” Sharma also said that the details of the earlier actions were with the defence establishment. “In the past these decisions were taken by the army. They would have the complete endorsement and support of the government of the day,” he added.

While supporting the BJP government at the center he said, “We have an elected government in office, which has taken the ‘political ownership’ of the surgical strike”. Asked, why didn’t the Congress government support these strikes when they were in power, Sharma said: “We were a different government, different political party. The responses and tactical actions are always taken by the Indian armed forces. “The present government thought that it had become necessary to claim political ownership. We have not questioned their decision. We hope they have done so after correct assessment,” he said. Army sources too had said that this was not the first time when Surgical strikes was resorted too and Army had done the same in the past as well.

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