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WATCH Video of Dr David Dao Pleading with United Airlines Officials

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It was made out to believe that Dr. David Dao of Kentucky had refused to leave his seat and disembark from the United Airlines flight in Chicago. He was dragged by security personnel and thrown out of the aircraft.

While he suffered humiliation of the worst kind in front of hundreds of passengers, he also sustained injuries. His blood oozing face remains on newspapers, television networks and online news portals across the world.

Nonetheless, the airline company’s assertion that he was removed from the plane as he had refused to leave the seat as was being asked by the officials has been refuted by a new video clip. This video clip shows United Airlines flight 3411’s inside view moments before he was thrown out of the aircraft.

A new footage shows Dr Dao telling the officials that it was utmost important for him to go home and that they should allow him to go home on the flight. The footage has been recorded by passenger Joya Griffin Cummings.

Initially he is heard saying, “I won’t go, I’m a physician, I have to work tomorrow, 8 o’clock”. When the doctor is urged to leave the flight, Dr Dao threatens to “make a lawsuit” against the airline.

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