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Watch Asteroid 2014 JO25 fly by Earth today – live feed

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NASA has said that Asteroid 2014 JO25 will flyby Earth from very close quarters. Whenever a massive asteroid passes through Earth, trepidations are felt about its impact on Earth in case it diverts from its course and hits the earth.

While the small asteroids can be dangerous for the earth in case it comes close, bigger asteroids like the one flying by earth today poses massive challenge.

As far as details about the Asteroid 2014 JO25 are concerned, the asteroid is as long as 650 meters across, more than half a kilometer long.

It should be kept in mind that small heavenly bodies continue to crisscross the space surrounding earth, they make news only when their size is relatively big. NASA report says that asteroids very small in size whizz by Earth several times a week. Larger asteroids of this size are especially rare. The last time such a huge asteroid appeared was in the year 2004, when Toutatis — five kilometres (3.1 miles) across — passed within four lunar distances.

If you actually miss today’s Asteroid 2014 JO25 flyby, you will have to wait for another ten years for the spectacle. The next scheduled close encounter with a big rock will not happen before 2027, when the 800-metre (half-mile) wide asteroid 199-AN10 will fly by at just one lunar distance, about 380,000 km (236,000 miles). The last time 2014-JO25 was in our immediate neighbourhood was 400 years ago, and its next brush with Earth won’t happen until sometime after 2600.

NASA and astronomers throughout the world are excited by the spectacle. “Astronomers plan to observe it with telescopes around the world to learn as much about it as possible,” NASA said. A NASA report says, “The asteroid will approach Earth from the direction of the sun and will become visible in the night sky after April 19. It is predicted to brighten to about magnitude 11, when it could be visible in small optical telescopes for one or two nights before it fades as the distance from Earth rapidly increases”.

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