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Was Steve Stephens a Muslim – Cleveland Facebook killer was not Muslim

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Steve Stephens reportedly killed himself from the same revolver that he had used to kill a 74-year old man in Cleveland Robert Godwin Sr. merely two days ago. The shooting from pointblank range had killed Robert Godwin Sr. on the spot.

The shooting and the killing is still being called Facebook slaying and Facebook killing. This is due to the fact that people thought that the entire episode was live streamed on Facebook through Facebook Live. In the video, still available on Youtube you can see him talking to the old man who was father of nine and grandfather of 16 and then killing him without any provocation.

It was a massive nationwide hunt that helped authorities nab him within the next two days.  The nationwide manhunt for Facebook killer Steve “Stevie” Stephens ended only when he killed himself after a rather rough chase by the cop.

Now there are rumors doing the rounds that the Steve Stephen was a Muslims. Apparently it is nothing more than a rumor. People might have got confused with another shooting incident in Fresno. Kori Ali Muhammad who killed three people in Fresno was a convert after having born a Christian. But officials claim that the killings were racial hate crimes and had nothing to do with terrorism.

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As far as Kori Ali Muhammad is concerned, reports suggest that he belonged to a fringe Muslim sect, there are many such sects, not recognized by mainstream Muslim organizations. A report in the Daily Beast claims that he was “an adherent of a fringe religious movement called the Moorish Science Temple”.

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