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Warming of relations with Israel against Indian ethos – Maulana Wali Rahmani

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Patna: All India Muslim Personal Law Board member Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani has expressed his concern over the friendship that is being strengthened between India and Israel. Maulana Rahmani is of the opinion that the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi reflects some policy move and hints at some major change in the country’s foreign policies.

The Maulana made the comments while speaking at ZA Islamia College. While speaking during a seminar titled ‘The Position of Women in Islam’ as the chief guest, he said that the environment that has been allowed to brew over Islam in the last couple of months is very worrisome.

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He pointed out that some months back when the talaq was a hot topic, he had reminded that Muslims have the lowest divorce rate in the country. On the contrary, divorce rate is the highest among Hindus. They are followed by Sikh, Christians and then Jains. The freedom that Islam allows is rare in other religions.

He accused the media of showing the matter in the wrong light and misleading the people about the actual issue. The media made out talaq to be the greatest issue in the country when there were serious matters unfoldig and that remained unreported.

Dr Shamimuddin Ahmad, Head of the Department, Arabic, Oriental College also attended the seminar and said, “Neither you are better than me nor am I better than you. The best among us is who treats his wife the best.” He pointed out that Islam follows the system of the groom presenting the bride with dower, and not the other way round. Islam allows both the husband or wife to initiate divorce if the marriage does not work out. He further said that Islam even allows an underage girl who has been married off at a young age, to seek divorce freely if she finds her husband not of her choice when she grows up to be an adult.

Zafar Ahmad Ghani, College Secretary, said that women in Islam enjoy equal rights as men. College Principal Asad Hasan welcomed the guests and later thanked them for participating in the seminar. (Translated from Inquilab)

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