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Videos, Photos of Heather Robertson, Texas teacher who slept with her students

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Heather Robertson has ashamed the entire teaching community. The frequency with which such stories are appearing every other day, it seems that the teachers are increasingly forgetting the lessons they are taught not just in the name of teaching ethics, but also simple humanity.

A fifty year old teacher runs away with a 15-year old student and keeps her abducted for more than a week. Another teacher goes to the home of a 14-year old student and develops physical relationship with the young child.

Now there is the story of a 38-year-old Texas kindergarten teacher who has admitted of having sex with her students, and in one case threesome. This seems simply unbelievable for the uninitiated. And the age difference in most of the cases is substantial.

Heather Robertson, the 38-year old Texas teacher is around 25 years older than her victims and the children who slept with her were reportedly seduced by her after being invited to her home. In the course of just a few months this teacher had sex with as many as four students. Now she is reportedly facing four charges of an improper relationship between a student and educator in the town of Lufkin, about 170 miles south east of Dallas.

When she was arrested on April 22, many people felt it unbelievable. She was reportedly arrested when her car was pulled over by a Lufkin cop. As a result, local school superintendent, Mary Anne Whiteker, told KTRE that Robertson is “no longer an employee of the district. All the findings of the investigation were turned over to authorities.”

A report in a local daily, Lufkin Daily News, said that one student admitted to “chatting and sexting” Robertson on Snapchat. It was in between these conversations that the teacher invited her student to her home. He came with a friend. The boy told the cops that it was their teacher who the boys into her bedroom, undressed and had sex with the pair.

It is said that the last time she had sex with one of her students was earlier this month on April 14. The sex was unprotected as Robertson says she can no longer have children. According to public records, Robertson remains in jail on a $200,000 bond.

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Heather is the mother of two daughters and from her facebook page she appears to be a dotting mother. Robertson attended Lufkin High School, graduating in 1993, and began working in the Lufkin school district at Burley Primary School in 2000. Robertson left that job in 2013. Since then, Robertson has been teaching in the Hudson school district as a kindergarten teacher.

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