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Videos, photos of Donald Trump’s Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Rally

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President Donald Trump is still trying to keep his support base alive and invigorated. While President Donald trump is celebrating his 100 days in White House, the world is claiming that the President has proved a puppet and hasn’t been able to accomplish anything.

Other than firing several dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase that had already been emptied of major assets as the attack was coordinated with Russians, he has apparently nothing to show. His wall at the Mexican border is not coming up anytime soon as the financing for fencing has been stuck in Congressional web and all his efforts to scrap Obamacare have proved futile.

Amidst the gloom for his supporters, the President’s rally at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania gave him and his fans an opportunity to feel elated. Not just the attendance was rather good and people euphoric, even he looked a lot assertive than he has looked in a very long time.

During his election style campaign, the President attacked media as he has been doing ever since he won election, besides Hollywood biggies who have been his biggest critics. The President, who has looked more of a word warrior than a President with his own useful ideas, promised jobs, employment, good education, great infrastructure and everything that he hasn’t been able to accomplish. He is a dream merchant who will continue to keep people in delusion, until of course they wake up.

The media, liberals and Hollywood biggies were his first attacks. “A large group of Hollywood celebrities and Washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom…I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from Washington swamp . . . with much, much better people” the President said in his opening salvo.

Despite his failures, his support base seems to be euphoric about him. A Washington Post report quoted one of his supporters as saying, “When he was running, it was refreshing because it was human, and that’s how people relate…What he’s doing now, like putting off building the wall, that’s strategic. He’s learning that you can’t go in there and boom, boom, boom, get things done like a businessman would. Now he sees he has to work to bring everyone together. I know he’ll do that. I just love his honesty, how he says it’s harder than he expected.”

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