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VIDEO: Saudi King’s escalator made of gold stops, bad omen for his Russia visit

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Opulence can have a limit for most of the people, but when it comes to royal families with billions and billions of dollars, this becomes limitless. The people awaiting the arrival of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz were stumped when they saw the Khadimul Harmain Sharifain descending on the tarmac by an escalator made of pure gold.

While he can buy anything under the sun with his petro dollars, but the technology that runs the machines is obviously imported from somewhere else. So like every Tom, Dick and Harry he also had a bad day. It was the day when he was being watched by almost all the major powers of the world as he was landing in Moscow.

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Russia and Saudi Arabia don’t seem to have a cordial relationship in a long time. To be true, Saudi Arabia has been the staunchest ally of Uncle Sam in the region and has supported and financed it in different parts of the world including Afghanistan. The financing in Afghanistan was not just monetary, it also supplied fighters from across the region to Pakistan from where they were deployed and pitted against Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan.

While Saudi Arabia under the House of Sauds has been a staunch ally of USA, Russia has been the closest ally and supporter of Saudi Arabia’s nemesis in the region, Iran.

So malfunction of his escalator made of pure gold was a massive embarrassment for the King and his cohorts. The disappointment was visible on the King’s face. All the Kings’ men too were embarrassed and we don’t know how many heads will roll for the glitch in the coming days.

The Saudi monarch, known to travel lavishly, exited the jumbo plane and boarded a glittering gold escalator but midway it stopped working. Guess all that glitters may be gold but not necessarily functional. After a brief pause, the malfunctioned escalator forced the Saudi monarch to walk rest of the way. Video showed the 81-year-old looking confused as concerned aides followed him on the escalator.

Russia’s official news source RT was the first to expose the glitch. This was followed by almost every news source picking the footage and running it.



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