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Utah cop Jeff Payne who arrested nurse Alex Wubbels fired from paramedic job: Photos

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A detective in Salt Lake City, Utah who tried to force a nurse to draw a patient’s blood and went on to mistreat her, even arresting her, has been fired from his paramedic job. Nonetheless, he hasn’t been fired from his detective job altogether.

The incident happened on July 26 at the University of Utah Hospital on July 26. Despite counsel from his partner, Jeff Payne, not just assaulted the female nurse, but handcuffed her using disproportionate power and then dragged her to police station.

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Now the detective has been fired from his paramedic job. “We determined today it was best to part ways,” Gold Cross Ambulance President Mike Moffitt said of Salt Lake City police officer Jeff Payne. Mike Moffitt went on to add that the incident “left a poor image of the company.” Reports suggest that all the seven members of Salt Lake’s city council apologized to the nurse about the maltreatment.

It is said that cop Jeff Payne asked the nurse to take a blood sample of an unconscious patient. The nurse said that it was against the policy of the hospital. Her refusal to comply with her order infuriated the detective so much that he, despite repeated advises of restraints from his colleague, manhandled the woman, handcuffed and finally arrested her.

A hospital officer can be heard telling the cop, “Sir you are making a huge mistake right now because you are threatening a nurse.” Nonetheless it couldn’t dissuade Payne from arresting her. He can be heard saying, “We are done, we are done, you are under arrest.”

Later the nurse, Alex Wubbels who has become an overnight her says, “I was scared to death, I was obviously very frightened…I can’t speak for Officer Payne. But what I can say is that I stood my ground. I stood for what was right, which was to protect the patient. As a nurse, any nurse I think would have done exactly what I did.”

It should be kept in mind that while refusing to draw the blood, the nurse was following hospital policy and constitutional law. The patient, who was not a suspect, had not given consent. Meanwhile Detective Jeff Payne and one other officer are on administrative leave pending a criminal investigation.

The nurse further says, “He was aggressive from the beginning. As a nurse it’s my job to assess a situation, to assess a patient, and my assessment skills led me to believe that Officer Payne was already agitated. He had already stormed off in disapproval when I had originally told him that he couldn’t do this up on the unit itself.”

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