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US claim on fighting terrorism is contradictory: UMass’s Daniel Chard

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University of Mass teacher Daniel Chard doesn’t mince words when it comes to truth. Chard, who is associated with the UMass’ History Department as lecturer, is rather outspoken when it comes to United States’ role in fighting terrorism.

There is no denying that the United States has a rather dubious policy when it comes to terrorism as it sees it differently when it comes to it and its allies and differently when it is concerned with other nations who are not its allies. This is the reason while Turkey that has faced Kurdish insurgency for decades and faces numerous terrorist attacks from them that target innocent people calls PKK terrorist organization, United States on the other hand has gone on to ally with the same group in Syria.


Daniel Chard in a recent interview says that the terrorist groups that have spread their tentacles across the Middle East and other parts of North Africa are apparently have their genesis in those groups that were once supported, armed and funded by United States and its allies.

He goes on to add, “During the 1980s the CIA worked through Saudi and Pakistani backchannels to fund foreign Wahhabist mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan in an effort to weaken the Soviet Union, whose troops occupied the country. Though we do not have evidence that the US ever supported him directly, Osama bin Laden was one of the many mujahedeen extremists who went on to fill the ranks of al-Qaeda”.

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