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UP madrasas feel the heat from BJP govt. in the state

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Lucknow: Muslims are rather very surprised over arbitrary orders of the UP government to thousands and thousands of madrasas in the state. The Muslim religious schools that are found in huge numbers across the state are being asked to toe government line on multiple fronts.

A couple of months the government asked the madrasas to get them registered on UP Madrasa Board portal and put all the information about the madrasas on the portal. If that was not enough the government has said that students of those madrasas that don’t comply with the orders will not be allowed to sit in the exams conducted by the madrasa board.

Now the state government has come out with another arbitrary directive asking the madrasas in the state to display the portraits of Prime Minister Modi in madrasas across the state. This is all the more surprising that madrasas don’t even display the photos of most sacred Muslim personalities. The spate of orders from the BJP run state government in UP has baffled the managers of madrasa managers.

The latest order has comein for sharp criticism from Muslim ulama and scholars in UP. While talking to the media Chairman of Fatwa department of Darul Uloom, Mufti Arshad Farooqui said that the government’s order is an interference in Muslim religious affairs and against shariah.

Mufti Arshad Farooqi further said, “It is against Sharia. There had never been order to put photos of any Prime Minister ever, why now? The government must think before issuing orders which affects Sharia, religion and sentiments”.

Qari Nasim Ahmad Manglori, a Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind activist and a madrasa manager says that madrasas are religious schools where religious education in imparted to students. He said that according to Islam displaying photos of any person, living or dead is completely prohibited. He said not just madrasas, putting photos and pictures on display in homes too was completely prohibited by Islam.

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