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AIMIM and Owaisi help polarize anti-Muslim votes –Up election results 2017 show

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UP election results are out. BJP has won. Despite BJP not having any visible wave in its favor, the saffron won a landslide, while the secular parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party and the BSP have been completely marginalized. Even the parties that not many people know outside the district or the region were able to do better than the Congress party in the poll.

From 28 seats to just 7, despite a two year long high-pitched campaign, shows that the party’s decision to ally with Akhilesh Yadav was rejected by the Congress supporters in the state. There are also reports that the Congress vote bank from upper castes and OBCs shifted to the BJP due to the fact that it aligned with Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party.


With the alliance, he not just left his party’s scathing attack against the Yadav (mis)rule in the state behind, but inherited anti-incumbency that came along with Akhilesh Yadav alliance.

It is yet to be seen if the BSP Dalit vote shifted to the BJP, as Muslims seem to have given her solid support in different parts of the state. Apparently Muslims alone cannot win the elections for her. Nonetheless, the fact that she was able to get 22 percent votes, indicate that everything is not lost. She is a fighter and has seen very bad days in the past. She will be back with a bang in politics. Many people who are already writing her political obituary will be shamed in the course of next few years.

Many people are saying that Asaduddin Owaisi and Peace Party didn’t impact the chances of secular parties in the state. While it may be true, as both the Peace Party and Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM could get no more than 0.3 and 0.2 percent of the votes polled in the state respectively, they did far worse thing.

AIMIM, wherever goes, increases the communal divide and helps forces like the BJP to consolidate Hindu voters behind it. The fiery speeches may not translated in votes in Uttar Pradesh, but Hyderabad like rhetoric in the Gangatic plains of Western and Central UP certainly help others turn it in their favor.

It is being naïve to believe that Owaisi’s party and other such projects didn’t impact the chances of secular parties. Dig a little deeper and analyze the cost of the polarization for the community that it created in areas wherever its fiery speakers spoke of Muslim dominance and us vs them. While we condemn communal politics of others, many in the community seems to love its own versions of communal politics and thus the huge turnouts in his rallies.

Full list of Muslim winners from UP elections 2017

Amroha 41 MEHBOOB ALI Samajwadi party

Bilari 30 MOHD. FAEEM Samajwadi Party

Chamraua 35 NASEER AHMAD KHAN Samajwadi Party


Gopalpur 344 NAFEES AHMAD Samajwadi Party

Isauli 187 ABRAR AHMAD Samajwadi Party

Kairana 8 NAHID HASAN Samajwadi Party

Kanpur Cantt. 216 SOHIL AKHTAR ANSARI Congress

Kundarki 29 MOHAMMAD RIZWAN Samajwadi Party

Meerut 48 RAFIQ ANSARI Samajwadi Party


Moradabad Rural 27 HAJI IKRAM QURESHI Samajwadi Party

Najibabad 17 TASLEEM AHMAD Samajwadi Party

Nizamabad 348 ALAMBADI Samajwadi Party


Rampur 37 MOHAMMAD AZAM KHAN Samajwadi Party

Saharanpur 4 MASOOD AKHTAR Congress

Sambhal 33 IQBAL MEHMOOD Samajwadi Party

Sishamau 213 HAZI IRFAN SOLANKI Samajwadi Party


Lalganj  351 AZAD Ali MARDAN BSP

Suar 34 ABDULLAH AZAM KHAN Samajwadi Party

Thakurdwara 26 NAVAB JAN Samajwadi Party

Matera 284 YASAR SHAH Samajwadi Party

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