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UP election 2017: Why media is completely ignoring the BSP?

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Media is playing dangerous PR game in Uttar Pradesh by discounting or completely ignoring the importance of #BSP in the coming polls. How is that a party which is supposed to be one of the top contender in UP now not even touted as third. While both Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi have shown pragmatism, BSP has done this pragmatism at the social level with more space for Muslims in the party list of candidates.

We are sure that UP will have a close contest between BSP and SP-Congress alliance. I know both of them want to keep BJP out. Rahul Gandhi has shown signs of maturity when he did suggest that he respect Ms Mayawati and that the most dangerous political ideology today is RSS.


UP situation is complex but our wish is that BJP does not get into picture in the formation of the government. As Mulayam Singh continue to chant dissociation with his son Akhilesh, I would advise both the #BSP and #SP-Congress to make a plan B for any emergency post poll scenario. We had wished a BSP Congress Alliance which could have a strong national repercussions but then every party think according to its own suitability and that is fine.

SP-BSP alliance too could have provided a much bigger strength to Dalit Bahujan forces in the country but then in politics it is not just the ideologies but also the faces of the politicians and personal egos which they dont want to see and the result is people become virtually helpless and under pressure. The danger then lie far bigger because First Past the Post System is made to suit the brahmanical interests.

We will advise Akhilesh Yadav to leave aside his prejudices against Miss Mayawati. Political differences are welcome but not personalised remarks. Akhilesh’s image is clean and better but such personalised remarks does not do good to him. Also, he should desist from thinking as if BSP is the enemy number one. How do you fight against those who pose biggest danger to our our idea of India ?

People of Uttar Pradesh have to be clear. Media is playing game here. Remember Mulayam Singh Yadav does not matter now but then they will continue to highlight him. Why is media denying BSP space in its news ? Has BSP become so weak that it does not deserve a space ? It is the same media which has declared BJP winner much before the third round were counted in Bihar. This shameless and spineless media is accountable to Amit Shah only and therefore will always distort the news and confuse the people so that they can manipulate the post poll situation in case of a hung assembly.

So all the three parties BSP, SP and Congress must play the game in such a way that in the event of a hung assembly they should not stop in joining hand to stop the Hindutva forces who are determined to vitiate the Uttar Pradesh’s socio cultural atmosphere. Ram Mandir is back on their agenda and slowly they will package it in such way that election commission would not be able to do much. Political leaders who swear in the name of social justice need to show more maturity so that they do not allow the state to be manipulated by communal fascist forces.

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