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UP election 2017 is a disaster of epic proportion for the Congress

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India’s ‘grand old party’ is mourning its loss in UP election 2017. There is no denying that its losses are so huge and its psychological impact so massive that its recent victory in Punjab is also not enough to cheer it up.

There were five states to prove its worth. But Congress did not manage to win even three. Besides UP, Uttarakhand and Punjab, there were Manipur and Goa where it could have won and prove its worth. It emerged largest party in both Goa and Manipur, but the foul play by BJP made Congress fall on its face.

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Congress lost the chance to foresee the foul play by BJP, by warning the voters what might be happening and winning their support through their loyalty and longstanding reputation. But it did not do so and lost. If it had foreseen as to what was coming it still had a chance to lead the government in both the states.

Afte the elections in these five states, the situation is so bad for Congress that besides Punjab, it merely has a few states to call its own. The rest have been painted Saffron.

This is a heartbreaking situation for a party that has ruled the major part of India for more than a fourth of a decade since its independence. This is a sad position for Congress to be in.

There is also no ray of hope for Congress in future, there are a lot of broken old promises and there is much to worry about if it wants to stay alive in the political arena.

Now BJP, with its methods of stick and carrots is good at attracting good leaders to its own side and leaving Congress parched of good leadership and personalities. It is useless to name the leaders that have been stolen by BJP, but the blame actually rests with Congress for failing in many ways.

It has failed to win the trust of voters. It has failed to provide even a single candidate with good leadership qualities. It has failed to come up with gripping political agendas and it has failed to give solid evidence against the accusations raining from BJP. There was much it has lost due to lack and neglect.

If BJP victory in 2014 was a disaster for Congress then UP 2017 is a disaster of epic proportions.

The foremost leaders of Congress had perhaps expected the disaster of 2014 to trigger some extraordinary quality to surface among the Congress people. But the line of losses did not seem to end and has now come to a head with the recent UP disaster. Now every party member is feeling the urgent need for a change within the very fabric of Congress, if it needs to survive. This is what every voter is feeling too, and has even expressed during the current polls. (Editorial in Inquilab, translated by Nabila Habib)

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