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UP election 2017: BJP asks EC to divest Congress of its poll symbol

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Lucknow: BJP in UP has accused the Congress party of violating the model code of conduct. The ruling party at the center has accused the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi of violating the Model of Conduct by talking of its hand symbol as the symbol of religious personalities.

The forthcoming assembly elections are going to be tough. There is no doubt about it. Stakes are very high this time and the BJP is working overtime to ensure its success in the state with more than 200 million population.

The party who is fighting the UP election with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at its mascot has approached the election commission asking it to divest the Congress of its election symbol ‘hand’ as well as cancellation of its recognition as a national party.

Rahul in Amethi

The BJP while filing a complaint with the EC said, “Shri Rahul Gandhi, at a convention, named as ‘Jan Vedna Sammelan’ in Delhi on January 11, 2017, made religious comments by co-relating the symbol of Indian National Congress with religious gods such as Shivji, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Mahavir and Islam, violating the provisions of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, MCC and the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court,” the BJP wrote in its complaint.

The saffron party while talking about it further said, “The Congress party has not disassociated itself from the statements of Shri Rahul Gandhi. Therefore, it has also further violated the Model Code of Conduct…Therefore, it is liable to be proceeded against under Para 16A and 18 of the Election Symbols Order, 1968, and the allotment of hand symbol of Congress party may kindly be withdrawn with immediate effect, along with cancellation of its recognition as a national party”.

In a well-attended meeting in New Delhi, Congress leader had said that the party’s symbol is present in every religion and it signifies that people of any religion should not fear the government as the Congress is with them. “I found Congress symbol in Shivji, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Mahavir’s pictures. I asked Karan Singhji what does it mean? He said (it means) ‘don’t get afraid’,” Gandhi had said. This seems to have infuriated the saffron party that has made winning the UP elections a prestige issue for it.

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UP election 2017: BJP asks EC to divest Congress of its poll symbol

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