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Under Trump, United States vs Russia may change into USA plus Russia

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Washington DC: Has the era of United States and Russia being poles apart in international politics come to an abrupt end? Are the two going to be friends and live together happily ever after from now onwards? Will it lead to an all new geopolitical realignment across the world?

While not much is clear right now, but we can expect Donald Trump and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin talking on phone not months from now, but within a few days’ time.


Political observers are keeping their fingers crossed awaiting the outcome of the telephone conversation. If it actually brings the two nations closer, it will certainly change not merely the language that the two nations use for each other, but almost everything. The entire geopolitics will undergo a metamorphosis of sorts.

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After initial reports from Kremlin that it will take months before US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin talked on phone, it is clear now that the bonhomie is here to stay. A Reuters report claims that U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely discuss a range of issues in a reported call, including efforts to combat terrorism, White House senior aide Kellyanne Conway said in television interviews on Friday.

While talking about the planned call for Saturday, Conway told CBS’ “This Morning” program: “I assume they will discuss, in the interests of their respective countries, how to come together and work together on issues where you can find common ground and where these two nations could maybe defeat radical Islamic terrorism.” If the call really leads to easing of tension, there may be a drastic change in the coming days not just in Europe, but also Asia and elsewhere too.

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