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Triple talaq part of the shariah, cannot be tempered with, claim Barelawi ulama

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Rampur: Shariat Bachao Conference was held here in Rampur with overwhelming Muslim population. The main issue under discussion was to ask the government to state its stand on triple talaq in one sitting and a uniform Civil Code. This question was pointedly raised by former Member of Rajya Sabha Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rizvi Bilyavi in the historic conference. He declared that just like Muslims can make a government similarly they can take down a government too.

The gathering was bigger than expected. In a passionate speech he said that when the time of those in power ends then it goes against shariat. He also advised the Prime Minister Modi to have forms kept on the counters of banks that from January 2017 the Prime Minister would not be available. He said that just like Imaam Husain lay down his life for Islam in Karbala, if required, every Muslim will lay down his life and make this their Karbala.


Maulana Ghulam Rasool Bulyavi said if the government includes 30% of Muslims in the army then they will strike out Pakistan from the map. He said that first Muslims’ patriotism was questioned. Now they are being checked if their faith is intact or have they forgotten the Quran.

Maulana said that his fight has nothing to do with UP elections. Rather his fight is with America and Israel who are using Prime Minster Modi to eradicate Muslims. He said that Law Commission has sent a questionnaire when neither the Law can make a Commission nor the Supremem Court can do that, only the Parliament has this right. He accused the Central Government of putting the blame of RSS on Muslims. He said that the country belongs to the law, to Khwaja ghareeb Nawaz, so RSS agents cannot be accepted. He added that the movement of demonetisation will win over the movement of votes.

Dr Faizullah Chishti was of the opinion that the issue is not of triple talaq but a conspiracy to establish put Muslims on the mat. He said that the leadership of scholars need to be accepted by lawyers, wise people and politicians. He said that Narendra Modi, who appears to sympathise with Muslim women, has no knowledge about the rights of women and children in Islam. He said that in India 19 lakh Hindu women and 9 lakh Muslim women are divorcees.

He suggested that before sympathising with Muslim women Modi needs to ban alcohol in India. He said Sachchar Commission needs to be established and reservation for Muslim women be made in India.

Qazi Shara’ Mufti Saeed Shahid Ali Rizvi said that Muslims are not tenants in India. He urged Uttar Pradesh government to make its stand clear on triple talaq and a Uniform Civil Code, whether it is with Modi or with the Muslims. He claimed that Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Yadav won on the strength of Muslim votes. Muslims can also make them lose by withdrawing their support. He said that miscreants did much to prevent this program from taking place and even spread the rumour that Shahid Miyan has been arrested but he claimed he is not afraid of going to jail if that is wat is required for the welfare of the community.

He declared that Narendra Modi is not just the Prime Minister of Hindus. He is Prime Minister to Muslims as well. And that he needs to speak while staying within the boundaries of constitution and law. He demanded that the rights given to the minorities according to the Constitution should not be tampered with.

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