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Toscha Sponsler of Lufkin slips cuffs, steals police SUV: Watch VIDEO, photos

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LUFKIN, Texas: It seems straight from the set of a Hollywood blockbuster. A woman who was accused of shoplifting not just stole a police SUV but went on a hot chase with multiple police vehicles trying to stop the police SUV and arrest the woman again.

A video has been released by the police showing how the woman was able to steal the police vehicle after removing handcuffs and then taking control of the police vehicle. It is needless to say that from shoplifting charges, the woman has brought far more serious charges against her.

Mug shot from previous arrest

At one point, the woman was driving the vehicle at around 100 miles per hour. The chase continued before somehow the officers were able to stop her vehicle and arrest her.

The woman, identified as 33-year-old Toscha Sponsler of Lufkin was arrested for shoplifting. She was arrested and put in the back of a police SUV when she amazingly removed one of handcuffs and squeezed squeeze through a partition and take over the vehicle.

A body camera video recorded by officers who were searching bag of items Sponsler allegedly stole shows Sponsler speeding off as the officers try to stop her. After speeding out of the parking lot of the Ulta beauty store, Sponsler then led officers on a 23-minute, 100 mph chase,” the Lufkin Police Department said in a statement.

Police later said that “Sponsler nearly went head on with two Lufkin officers and a Huntington constable during the pursuit. Throughout the chase, officers could see her reaching for the officer’s shotgun which was mechanically locked to the vehicle”.

Thanks to the out of box thinking of a cop, the chase finally ended in Zavalla, Texas, “after a DPS Trooper used a PIT maneuver to make her lose control of the vehicle.”

“We are fortunate that no one was hurt during the incident…Although we haven’t had anything like this happen in the past we will conduct an internal investigation to review the incident for training or tactical deficiencies” Lufkin Police Assistant Chief David Thomas was quoted by KETK-TV as saying.

Police claims that the woman has numerous past criminal records in both Angelina and Williamson counties on charges ranging from theft and burglary to drug possession. In the last twelve years she has been arrested multiple times. The woman originally belongs to Liberty Hills, Texas.

In a Facebook post the woman said,“I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I know that I want my concept of “A NORMAL” lifestyle, but can only catch glimpses of what I yearn for so much…. I honestly don’t really have a clue what life lesson, or purpose I’m currently serving but I can see that I have been on and havent totally hit a new bottom yet…For some odd reason this has been the longest rodeo I’ve not forfeited due to my pride. I keep hanging on and not totally giving up to let my self destructive self win and take completely over to, …like mortal combat… “FINISH HER”… ha. That’s a lil summary of the whole whirl-wind of a mess that I have become so far.. dueces, worm.”


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