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Thank you Sonu Nigam for saving us from 24X7 triple talaq blast on TV channels

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New Delhi: Singer Sonu Nigam’s tweets on Azaan have been the most talked about issue on social media and Indian television for the last 24 hours. For Indian television, everything Islamic is an anathema. But Sonu Nigam’s tweets gave people some respite from the round the clock discussion on triple talaq.

Till yesterday morning, you would have been excused for believing that triple talaq had become the most important issue in the country, leaving behind the common issues like elusive employment, electricity or lack of it, soaring temperature, unavailability of meat and wine on highways.

Yeah both sharab and kebabs have been removed from much of North India, except in case you are in a five star hotel, where the inseparable twins are readily served, of course at sky-high price.

Sonu Nigam must be credited for saving us from the endless discussion on triple talaq, though with another issue that is of least importance to many people, azaan on loudspeaker.

A latest survey recently found that ratio of divorce was the lowest among Muslims in India when compared to different religious communities in the country. It must be kept in mind that very few people, among Muslims, pronounce divorce in the form of triple talaq. This means that the number of affected women by this form of divorce is actually in a few hundred in a calendar year.

But if you are a regular TV viewer, you are made to believe that this was the most important issue confronting Indians and not just Indian women. From Prime Minister Modi to recently installed chief minister of UP, Yogi Aditya Nath, the saffron clad seer/politician, triple talaq is something that is on their top priorities.

Thankfully Sonu Nigam diverted media attention to another issue, obviously a Muslim issue. Otherwise, the media wouldn’t be bothered with anything less. As the media starts talking about Azaan on loudspeaker and its side-effects, Nigam and his cohorts want to forget the loud voice of bhajans and kirtans coming from everywhere.

Thankfully, while Sonu Nigam might have not heard these sounds, there are millions of Indians, both Hindus and followers of other religions who are upset for singling out Muslims call for prayers for noise pollution.

Many people have claimed that India being a multi-religious society, people need to learn to live with these religious signs. Others came forward and condemned the singer for singling out azaan and gleefully forgetting not just bhajans and kirtans but blaring DJs in marriages, parties and other religious occasion throughout the year.

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