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Tarek Fatah and Fatah ka Fatwa being condemned by Muslims, Urdu media

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New Delhi: Canadian journalist of Pakistani origin Tarek Fatah’s Zee TV program Fateh Ka Fatwa is being attacked by Muslims of all hues across the country. Even the people who are attending his much talked about program on India’s leading television channel are being attacked by many Muslims and community leaders.

It must be noted that Tarek Fatah is loved by India’s right. While he has been directly hitting Muslims, their customs and their tradition, his belligerent attitude and out and out anti-Islam views have earned him a huge fan flowing among RSS and BJP fans.

tarek fatah urdu clippingBut Tarek Fatah’s anti-Islamic stance is not very old. He lived in Wahabi nation of Saudi Arabia that he opposes so often and was allegedly once associated with Pakistan’s extremist Islamic organization, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.

Meanwhile Urdu newspapers are full of anti-Fatah reports. Majlis-e-Ulama, an organization of Muslim clerics in Delhi, has asked clerics associated with it not to appear on Zee TV program, Fatah Ka Fatwa.

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The Majlis-e-Ulama president Mufti Suhail Ahmad Qasmi was quoted by Urdu daily Inquilab as saying that Zee TV has been given the responsibility of defaming Islam. He said that “the TV channel has given a live platform to such a person who has nothing to do with Islam and is an agent of Jews”.

He went on to add, “the people who are becoming a part of his program are being part of anti-Muslim propaganda. Islam doesn’t need anyone to defend itself and the people who are appearing on Fatah Ka Fatwa are doing it for self promotion and nothing more. I appeal these people to desist from appearing on the plan.

On the other hand, a politician, All Muhammad Iqbal, chairman Citi Zone, has said that the single point agenda of tarek Fatah is to create and widen the rift between Hindus and Muslims and create communal tension in the country. He is trying to instigate riots across the country, Iqbal added.

He said that “At a time when elections in Uttar Pradesh are underway, it is rather surprising to see a channel spewing venom against Islam and Muslims. It must be condemned. Why the Government is giving so much space to anti-Muslim elements. Why whoever is anti-Muslims becomes the darling of the government of the day in the country?”

“Indian Muslims are peace-loving citizens and they don’t want the communal schism to widen. Tarek Fatah is spewing venom against Muslims and prophets and the channel is spreading it further. The program should be discontinued forthwith”, Urdu daily Inquilab quoted him saying.

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