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Tablighi Jamaat Nizamuddin Markaz divides reformist movement – Maulana Saad Kandhalvi blamed

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Division in Tablighi Jamaat seems to be complete. For the last several years there was a vicious campaign within the Muslim religious movement between two camps trying to gain complete hold over it and its huge fan followings across the world. Now the split seems to be complete.

While Tablighi Jamaat that has its genesis in reforming the Muslim community and bringing them closer to the basic tenets of religion, has looked split with a sharp division in its ranks and files, things seem to have gone beyond repair.

The organization that can be credited to bring a large number of nominal Muslims in the fold of Islam has seen a sharp split within two different camps vying for the massive resources that the organization has at its disposal. There are reasons to believe that this split is not just a local affair within the country, but it is a global problem.

There are reasons to believe that the movement has vertically split between supporters of Maulana Saad Kandhalvi and Maulana Mohammad Zuhairul Hasan, son of former Tablighi Jamaat amir Maulana Zubairul Hasan.

There are reasons to believe that the split is due to the fact that the present amir Maulana Muhammad Saad doesn’t want to follow the almi shura and want to take all the decisions about the organization on his own with his supporters.

Last year there was vicious fight between the supporters of the two groups and the internal fight within the Nizamuddin Markaz premises reached police station when the supporters of Maulana Zuhairul Hasan were badly beaten by the other group.

There is no denying that Maulana Saad Kandhalvi has become a rather controversial figure within organization and its core support base of Deobandi ulama due to his different comments. In one such comment the cleric claimed that Nizamuddin Markaz, the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat in India was the most revered place for Muslims in the world after the two holiest sites in Mecca and Madina.

This was certainly an effort by the embattled cleric to improve the standing of his group in the eyes of Tablighi Jamaat followers across the world.

Tablighi Jamaar Ijtema Malegaon

Due to such comments that he has made publicly, last year Darul Uloom Deoband accused the cleric of perversion, misinterpretation of Islamic Shariah and insulting prophets and messengers of Allah. In a fatwa issued last year, the Islamic seminary where the Tablighi Jamaat has its roots issued a fatwa saying that Maulana Saad has gone astray and should repent without any delay.

The fatwa said, “It is our religious duty to warn Muslims especially those associated with Tablighi Jamaat about Maulana Saad Kandhalvi who due to lack of knowledge is interpreting Quran and Sunnah in a way which is off the track and against the agreed upon and unanimous principles”.

The fatwa, an elaborate edict by the top clerics of Deoband seminary said, “We can’t remain silent and a mute spectator when Maulana Saad Kandhalvi continues to disseminate his perverted views and wrong interpretations about Islam in large gatherings…After a close analysis of his speeches we have come to the conclusion that Mualana Saad Kandhalvi has gone astray and he must repent without any delay…If corrective measures are not taken immediately, we fear that a large chunk of Muslims associated with Tablighi Jamaat will also go astray and off the track”.

Now the Darul Uloom has pronounced Tablighi Jamaat off limits of the historic institution. Earlier this month the Darul Uloom announced that any student found involved in Tablighi activity would face punitive action. The ban will be lifted, said the seminary’s administrators, only after the Jamaat’s two factions warring over the title of Ameer (leader) end their dispute.

There are reasons to believe that due to split in Tablighi Jamaat, the students were also getting divided in two camps. Darul Uloom Deoband’s rector Mufti Abul Qasim Noamani, said that the decision was aimed at preventing a clash among Deoband students who were getting divided into two camps. “We are not against Tablighi Jamaat or its works but were only worried that our students might get sucked into the fight between the two factions. We tried to mediate between the groups to help them sort out their differences but failed. The ban will be lifted only after the two factions bury their differences”, he was quoted by Times of India as saying.

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