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Swiftkey keyboard data leak impacts thousands of its users

Swiftkey keyboard data leak impacts thousands of its users

SwiftKey is facing a tough time these days. Swiftkey Keyboard data leak is going to have huge impact on the company at least in the short term. The company had introduced its latest emoji-predicting keyboard merely last week and since then its problem seems to have got bigger.

People are finding it hard to cope up with main SwiftKey app’s suggestions. Since the launch a number of users complained about the main SwiftKey app’s suggestions.

Experts are of the opinion that the following the latest update the app is mixing up the user data and offering suggestions pertaining to names, phone numbers, and email accounts of complete strangers.

SwiftKey that has become extremely popular these days uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type. The app learns from previous SMS messages and output predictions based on currently input text and what it has learned. SwiftKey was purchased by Microsoft for $250 million earlier this year.
The latest problem comes following a glitch in SwiftKey’s sync. A few users inadvertently discovered that they have access to information belonging to others. The strangers were kind enough to let each other know of the slip, and the problem quickly reached Microsoft’s ears. The Telegraph reports how one SwiftKey user discovered that their details were compromised. The user says that they received an email from a stranger who claimed that their brand new phone started to suggest the user’s email address when logging into an account online. The users are facing multiple issue following the leak.

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