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Surya Namaskar in Mumbai schools: Muslims to launch agitation


Nanded, Maharashtra: Samajwadi Party leader and businessman Abu Asim Azmi has said that Muslims of Mumbai are never going to follow the diktats of government regarding Surya Namaskar in schools. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has made Surya Namaskar mandatory for students of government schools in the business capital of India.

Azmi said that Surya Namaskar is against Islamic beliefs and should not be imposed upon the students of other faiths in the megapolis. He said that the state government should immediately reverse the decision, otherwise the Muslim community will be forced to launch a campaign across the state in this regard.

Abu Asim Azmi also said that such antics are part of the BJP led government in the state to influence the beliefs of Muslims. He said that the government is trying to saffronize the state by these actions. “Nonetheless we will never allow the state government to succeed in such nefarious planning”, said he.


He also attacked NCP president Sharad Pawar regarding his comments on the arrest of Muslim youth by law enforcement agencies in the state. He said that it was an opportunist statement from Maratha leader.

“During the government of Shahrad Pawar’s party in Maharashtra, ATS used to randomly pick up and arrest Muslim youth from across the state. We told him and his government ministers that the ATS was targeting innocent young boys. But he didn’t listen to our appeals and now he says he is feeling sympathetic to Muslim youths. He is now asking the CM to order his officials not to arrest our boys. If he is true in his demands, Pawar should ask the state government to take action against those ATS bosses who were targeting Muslims illegally during his party’s government in the state” said Azmi.

The Samajwadi Party leader said that during the Eid al Adha or Baqrid, the state government should allow the slaughter of the bull in the state, the same way slaughter is banned in the state for a day in honor of Jainism. He went on to add that the BJP government in the state doesn’t want to give any benefit to the Muslim community in the state.

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