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Stockholm, Sweden terror attack – truck kills 4, suspect arrested, watch VIDEO

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Stockholm, Sweden terror attack comes merely a few weeks after a similar attack on Westminster in London. Only last year a similar attack in France had caused the death of dozens of people. The areas where the availability of the weapons is difficult, terrorist organizations are prompting their supporters to attack and this is going to be rather very tough for the governments in Western countries to stop.

Truck terrorist attack in Stockholm has stunned the entire Swedish nation. Initially there were no reports of deaths. Reports suggested a few people sustaining injuries. Later the report of first death was broadcast. The death toll was later increased to four with more than a dozen people sustaining injuries.

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The massive truck that rammed into crowds in Stockholm, killing four was people described as an attack on Sweden and a terrorist attack by the Swedish Prime Minister. The attack forced the centre of the usually buzzing city into lockdown, with the central train station evacuated and other stores quickly emptied of shoppers.

There was a stunning silence across the metro with people keeping indoors and helicopters buzzing overhead. The Stockholm metro was also completely shut down for several hours before resuming in the early evening, with the attack taking place close to the city’s T-Centralen station, through which all the city’s lines pass. Keeping the safety and security of the city dwellers in mind, the government evacuated huge apartments. Shopping malls and cinemas were close down.

In the meantime Swedish police have arrested a man for “terrorist crimes”, prosecutors said, hours after a truck ploughed into a crowd outside a busy department store in central Stockholm, killing four.

A local media official, Karin Rosander, told the media “One person has been arrested on suspicion of terrorist crimes through murder”. There were also reports of another arrest and media said there was chance that he had a connection to the previously arrested person, citing police sources. The police declined to comment on whether it had arrested any additional suspects.

In the meantime Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told the world that the truck attack was an assault against his country. “We are thinking of the dead and the injured and their families. I am urging the public to be vigilant and keep updating the police”, said he.

There are reasons to believe that it might be a lone wolf terrorist attack. A lone wolf, lone-wolf terrorist or lone actor is someone who prepares and commits violent acts alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group.

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