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Stephen Bannon’s removal from National Security Council is demotion

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Washington: His meteoric rise in the White House seems to have met a wall now. One of the Breitbart News founders and President Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, has reportedly been removed from the National Security Council. This is a major demotion for the man who was reportedly setting the agenda in the White House.

Reports suggest that Trump has removed Stephen K. Bannon from the National Security Council. This means he will no longer be able to participate in the meeting of military and intelligence officials and the leadership of the national Security Council will be largely with the military officials now.

A CNN report claims that it was a clear case of demotion for Bannon. The report went on to add, “The move is a demotion for Bannon and a win for H.R. McMaster, who Trump picked in February to lead the council after Michael Flynn was fired for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about undisclosed contacts he had with Russian operatives. McMaster, an Army lieutenant general, has to date struggled to gain tangible influence inside the White House, including in issues of hiring and firing…Bannon’s title was removed from the standing list of members of the National Security Council in a regulatory filing posted Wednesday, first reported by Bloomberg”.

There is no denying that from the first day of his appointment at the National Security Council, Bannon’s place on the committee had been a subject of intense controversy. Many experts from both Republican and Democratic backgrounds characterized it as an elevation of a White House official with no national security experience, even while other national security officials in the administration were included on the NSC only when “issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise” were involved. The White House later added the director of the CIA to the NSC.

Bannon with far right inclination is a multi-faceted personality. He was an officer in the United States Navy for many years serving on the destroyer USS Paul F. Foster. He spent seven years with the Navy and Pentagon. Later he joined Goldman Sachs and left it as vice president. He also dabbled in Hollywood and made as many as 18 movies. Breitbart News shows how he dispensed far-right news, opinion and commentary. Philip Elliott and Zeke J. Miller of Time, says htat Breitbart News “pushed racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic material into the vein of the alternative right”.

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