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Solar Eclipse 2017 will be annular with ring of fire – Watch live streaming online

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It is the first solar eclipse of the year 2017 and so the enthusiasm is very high among people across the world. Even people, who live far away from the place where the solar eclipse will be visible are as excited as the ones who live in the places where it will be visible.

It is a rare form of solar eclipse that is called annular eclipse. Solar eclipse is called annular when the moon gets in between the Earth and the sun.

Astronomers are of the view that in the process of today’s solar eclipse, the sun’s surface will be visible around the moon. This will look like a ring. There are some people who are calling the ring the ‘Ring Of Fire’, though the fire will not be as visible as they might like us to believe.


Solar eclipse has always been an important occasion. Many older religions ask their adherent to offer special prayers on the occasion. Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims have special prayers to offer whenever there is a solar eclipse. Solar eclipse takes place when the moon and the sun do not orbit in the exact same plane. “The moon blocks the light of the sun’s surface very, very precisely you can see all the way down to the roots of the corona, where the atmosphere meets the sun’s surface,” said NASA scientist Sarah Jaeggli.

NASA scientists have said that during the solar eclipse on February 26, the moon will be 235,009 miles away from the Earth. Reports suggest that due to an effect known as the “negative shadow”, or antumbra, the moon will block most of the sun while only allowing the sides to be visible. You can watch solar eclipse February 2017 on

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