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Simultaneous assemblies and Lok Sabha elections will create chaos and anarchy in India

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The Election Commission of India has suggested that it may organise the National elections as well as state assembly polls simultaneously by September 2018. Why should all the assembly and Parliament elections be held together? It will not only create chaos and anarchy but for sure it will stop the issue of governance for many days. We know well that this government want to completely control everything from top to bottom in the name of democracy.

It is a slow attempt to convert the entire electoral process to American model which is presidential form of government and a very dangerous one. The American model is basically a corporate driven democracy with focus on one individual as the ‘leader’ of the nation. This form of governance does not exists in any of the Western world particularly in Europe who have rightly opted for the Proportionate Electoral System.

There is another issue and it is related to pragmatism. Is the election commission really capable to go for the same? Already the issue of EVM has dented the confidence of the people. Does this government finding ways to delay elections in Gujarat where BJP is facing severe crisis ?

I don’t have an issue with simultaneous elections but with its practicality and impartiality. Governance in India is getting affected with daily dose of elections, national, state, Panchayats, municipalities and so on. Actually, all the five years, we are in election mode so when is the time for work. We will have to devise new methods where governance is not affected.

The government and election commission need to take the opposition too into confidence. This decision of the government may backfire on them. We know the idea behind it is to have full control everywhere right from Presidential House to Gaon Panchayats so that they can proudly proclaim Hindu Rashtra. Already, Modi ji has tweeted to ‘identify’ those who are spreading pessimism. So these are dangerous time.

This government continues to play with lives of people as well as with the constitution. Hope they will realise that they can’t build an India after creating chaos and anarchy. So far it has always taken decision to send message to people that it is not ‘afraid’ of taking ‘decision’ but any decision without deep thought and enough consultation cant be wise and will only be prone to committing harakairi. It is time for opposition and allies to speak up and understand the game plan.

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