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Shoe hurled at Kejriwal who holds Modi responsible (Watch video)

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Rohtak: A shoe was hurled at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal here in Rohtak. While the shoe missed its intended target, the youth who had hurled the shoe at AAP chief was promptly taken into custody by the local police after being apprehended by Aam Aadmi Party volunteers.

Meanwhile Kejriwal held Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the attack. He called Prime Minister a coward and said that it was he who has been planning one conspiracy after the other against AAP. “I have again and again said that Modi is a coward,” the AAP leader thundered amid the commotion. “Today his supporter hurled a shoe at me. Modi doesn’t have the guts to face us straight. He sends his agents.”


Kejriwal was addressing a massive rally against the demonetization and it was during the rally that the shoe was hurled at him. Kejriwal, who was criticizing Prime Minister Modi for the demonetisation move and alleged that Modi had taken bribes from corporates earlier, blamed Modi for the attack. “I said Modiji is a coward. Today some Modi supporters hurled a shoe at me. Modiji, we can also do this but our cultural values don’t permit us to do this,” Kejriwal tweeted.

He went on to add, “I will keep on exposing the truth behind demonetisation scam and the Sahara-Birla bribery despite your CBI raid or shoe attack on me”. Later the shoe attacker was identified as Vikas Kumar of Dadri district.

This is not the first time that shoe has been hurled at Kejriwal. In January 2016, a woman threw ink at Kejriwal during a public event that was organised to celebrate the Delhi government’s success with the odd-even vehicle traffic rationing initiative. Four months later, a man threw a shoe at Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal while he was speaking about the reintroduction of odd-even scheme in the national capital.

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