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Shiv Sena, BJP want to shut down Deonar Slaughter House – Abu Asim Azmi

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Mumbai: During the last leg of BMC election campaigns, Maharashtra Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Asim Azmi did road shows in South Mumbai. He was warmly welcomed by the people of the area. He appealed the citizens of South Mumbai and nearby localities to vote in big numbers and make candidates of his party successful.

He addressed the public at several gatherings across the wards and stated that the discord between BJP and Shiv Sena is only the result of difference in opinion about major posts like Mayor, Chairman of Standing Committee, and that both parties are actually united and will work togetheron their communal agendas after the results of BMC elections are out.


He also added that since BJP and Shiv Sena state and central government has done little in the name of development, so they will work to divide the society after the results are out.

He pointed out that just as BJP put a ban on beef in the state, just after putting its candidate on the Chief Minister’s post the party, Shiv Sena is also looking to shut down Deonar Slaughter House after the results of BMC election are out. Shiv Sena is trying to establish the beef policy that they use to ignite violence and feelings of communalism in the society, as they have done in other states.

He pointed out that since a long time the BJP government has been neglecting Deonar Slaughter House so that it would shut down on its own. He added that under the governance of SP, the slaughterhouse has not only seen developments but a bill of a million rupees has been passed for the developmental work of Deonar Slaughter House. This has aided the thousands employed in the House. (Urdu Times, Mumbai)

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