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Shaikh Roshan Jahan – Poverty, double amputation couldn’t stop her from completing

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Mumbai: Women’s Day was celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm to make women aware about their rights and also to give women their due position in the society. Women who have stood out and inspire others due to their efforts in social, educational and cultural fields are felicitated on this occasion.

Islam promises equal rights to women but it is often forgotten by the society and opportunity should be taken to remember this fact and act upon it.

Shaikh Roshan Jahan Jawad Ahmed comes from a conservative Muslim family. Fighting extreme poverty, she passed class tenth from Jogeshwar High School, Mumbai. She lost both her feet during an unfortunate train accident.

Shaikh Roshan Jahan Jawad AhmedBut the girl showed exemplary courage and determination and competed in the medical admission test. She cracked it successfully despite huge odds staked against her. She has now completed her MBBS and earned her degree. She has just become an inspiring doctor worth her salt.

During an interview, Roshan Jahan revealed details about her life that are as inspiring as her achievements.

Her dreams
Roshan Jahan dreamt of becoming a doctor while she was still in junior school. She came from a family where poverty made many dreams to collapse, without being fulfilled. Her secondary education was a miracle of sorts as she struggled to pay her fee in absolute poverty.

Shaikh Roshan Jahan Jawad Ahmed parents

Looking at the weak financial condition of her family, she wanted to support and improve the financial situation of her family by completing some kind of para-medical course as soon as possible.

Having scored a whopping 92% in her tenth exam, she enrolled in the science faculty of Anjuman Islam Girls High School, Bandra, Mumbai. This was the beginning of a dream journey.

The accident that destroyed her dream, almost

During her semester exams in 2008, she was travelling to her school in train. It was very crowded and Roshan Jahan got up to get down quickly at her stop, but a jostle from the very dense crowd threw her off the train. This accident happened between Jogeshwari and Bandra. The train ran over both her legs. Roshan Jahan was conscious and saw the train running over her legs.

After the train had passed, a crowd gathered around her. Shadab, an onlooker came to her aid about half an hour later. He gave her some water and informed her family about the accident.

Railway officers took a long time to come and offer some help after this and she was taken to a hospital. The operation theatre was closed so the hospital did some superficial dressing on her injuries. Her family members reached the hospital by then.

Looking at the lack of medical care given to Roshan Jahan, her family members insisted on her discharge, which she was given by 6 or 7 pm. They rushed her to another hospital. Both her legs had to be amputated.

Recovery and self belief
Roshan Jahan then faced a life in bed since she had never ever seen any double amputee going on with his life like other normal people. She had not heard of prosthetic legs. She steeled herself for a very bleak future.

At this dark time she was encouraged and supported by Dr Guntharia, the doctor who operated upon her legs, and her family members. Dr Guntharia told her about prosthetic legs and brought a new ray of hope in her life.

Her family encouraged her to continue her studies. She was fitted with prosthetic legs and then she appeared for her exams. She scored 75% in her class twelfth exams. She also took CET.

Dr Sanjay Kantharia and his moral support
She was advised by many to take up some sedentary office job. But Dr Sanjay Kantharia urged her not to pay heed to all the discouraging suggestions from her acquaintances and look at her potential. He urged her to appear for the medical entrance test. She was very doubtful initially, but she scored third position in the CET.

She was counselled in JJ Hospital along with a score of other girls. She was disqualified for admission during the physical exam. Roshan Jahan called up Dr Kantharia who advised her t go to High Court with her appeal.

She did that. The court observed her walk and go about her daily works on her prosthetic legs. Her previous scholastic records were seen, which were impressive. During this time she started travelling on trains again. This was a big achievement in her life, the boarding of a train again on prosthetic legs.

Fulfilment of the dream

Roshan Jahan was eventually admitted in a medical college on the orders of High Court. She got full support from her family. And this is where her inspiring story stays for now.

She has plans of completing her MD in future and there is no doubt that her courage will make her fly through it with flying colours.

Meanwhile her college teachers are equally excited. Dr Walani, deputy dean of KEM Hospital said “Fantastic…Her achievement is like winning a Noble prize. We are very proud of her”. (Translated from UrduTimes)

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