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Sean Kratz charged in killing Jimi Patrick, Thomas Meo, Mark Sturgis, Dean Finocchiaro

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More details about the missing Bucks County youths’ gory killings are coming to the limelight. After suspense of more than a week that kept the entire Bucks County and Pennsylvania on the tenterhook, authorities have released more details about the murders of the four teens who went missing over the past one week.

While the main suspect, Cosmo DiNardo accepted his role in the crime, he also reportedly agreed to spill the beans in exchange for removing death penalty. Authorities revealed the name of the second accused. Not just Cosmo DiNardo has been charged in the homicide, Sean Kratz has also been charged in the crime.

In the meantime, chilling details about how the two accused actually killed the four young people. It has also come been revealed by the media that at least two of the people allegedly murdered by Cosmo DiNardo and his accomplice in crime, had known DiNardo. It has also been revealed by Bucks County authorities that Sean Kratz is actually Cosmo DiNardo’s cousin. The two have been reportedly changed of multiple counts of homicide.

Officials have also revealed chilling details of how the two killed the four youth and tried to dispose of the bodies of the victims. The main accused Cosmo Dinardo, 20, was reportedly charged with four counts each of criminal homicide, conspiracy and abuse of a corpse as well as with robbery and a weapons charge. On the other hand, Sean Kratz, 20, was charged with three counts each of criminal homicide, conspiracy, robbery and abuse of a corpse as well as a weapons charge. The two have been charged in the killings of the four missing Bucks County youths including Jimi Patrick, Thomas Meo, Mark Sturgis and Dean Finocchiaro, who went missing within miles of each other in Bucks County.

Meanwhile authorities have said that the bodies of the victims have been recovered following the alleged confession by the suspects. The DA, Matthew Weintraub told the media that the bodies of Finocchiaro, Sturgis and Meo were discovered in an old oil tanker while Patrick’s body was also recovered elsewhere.

Documents say, “Dinardo said they drove around the property on his ATV and that Kratz was going to rob Finocchiaro in the woods…He said Kratz did not rob Finocchiaro in the woods and they went into the barn. As they were leaving the barn, Kratz shot Finocchiaro in the head. DiNardo took the gun from Kratz and also shot Finocchiaro while he was laying face down on the floor, but claimed Finocciaro was already dead when he shot him.” DiNardo “took a blue tarp from the corn crib and wrapped Finocchiaro in it. He tried to drag Finocchiaro out of the barn on the side facing the corn crib. The tarp got stuck on a nail so he had to use the backhoe to remove him from the barn. He placed Finocchiaro into a metal tank he referred to as the pig roaster” claim the documents.

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Kratz reportedly has a long criminal history including an open burglary. Philadelphia Magazine reports that Sean Kratz “was out on bail for burglary, criminal trespassing, theft and other charges stemming from two pending burglary cases in Philadelphia courts. In March, he posted 10 percent of $10,000 bail,” reports. reports that Kratz “was implicated twice last year in connected burglary cases in Philadelphia.”

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