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Sasikala Natrajan swearing in uncertain, Supreme Court gives her breather

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New Delhi/ Chennai: Sasikala Natrajan, the Chief Minister designate and the AIADMK legislature party leader was given a breather by Supreme Court. The apex court has said that it will not advance its hearing of a case that demands the court to bar Sasikala from being sworn as the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister till the top court decides a separate corruption case against her.

Sasikala Natrajan, also known as VK Sasikala, was appointed General Secretary of the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, immediately after the death of Jayalalithaa. But the problem for the 61 old Ms Natrajan began when she announced that she was taking over the state as the chief minister.

sasikala-with-governorAs everyone knew, O Panneerselvam, a loyalist of Jayalalithaa was merely warming the seat first for Jayalalithaa and then for her longtime friend and confidante Sasikala.

Elevating Sasikala to the chief minister’s post was a decision that was taken by AIADMK on last Sunday was unanimous. Panneerselvam had tendered resignation without showing any signs of rebellion. Nonetheless, now he says he wants to keep his job and that the written support to Ms Sasikala of 120 of the party’s 135 legislators has been exacted by a combination of coercion and forgery. Governor C Vidyasagar Rao heard the competing claims to power of both leaders last evening and has said he needs some time to decide which of the pair should be given a chance to take a trust vote in the legislature.

There are many moves afoot to stop Sasikala from assuming the office. An NGO went to the apex court stating that Ms Sasikala should not be allowed the promotion conferred on her by her party till a decision is taken on whether she is guilty of assisting Ms Jayalalithaa in the early 90s to collect an illicit fortune worth about Rs. 60 crore that they shared. But the court has given her a breather.

On the other hand, Sasikala has solid support of around 130 out of 134 AIADMK MLAs. These legislators who are backing Ms Sasiakala remain sequestered in hotels to prevent them from changing their mind under the influence of Mr Panneerselvam. They were last seen two days ago.

Meanwhile many people are questioning her competency to the Chief Minister’s office. Questions about Sasikala education qualification are being asked by many. Nonetheless, a website while discussing Sasikala Natrajan educational qualification

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