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Sangh inspired websites involved in ‘character assassination’ of Dr Kafeel Khan

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A massive campaign is underway to defame Dr Kafeel who is being praised for his stellar role amidst the massive tragedy unfolding in Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College. More than seventy children lost their lives in a matter of days due to the lack of attention of the state government in providing basic amenities in government hospitals across Uttar Pradesh.

Amidst the prevailing tragedy that unfolded in Gorakhpur and consumed the lives of more than 70 innocent children, Dr Kafeel Khan was praised for his efforts to provide oxygen cylinders on his own from different hospitals and nursing homes in the district, the bastion of Aditya Nath, the firebrand BJP leader and the chief minister of the state.

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Amidst the incompetence of the administration and the state government, Khan was praised by the parents of children who were being treated in the hospital and fellow staff of the hospital. But apparently this praise for a Muslim doctor was an unbearable thought for the RSS and VHP inspired right wing media channels and websites.

They have unleashed a campaign to malign him and present him in a negative frame. Their vicious campaign against Khan began immediately after a report in the DNA newspaper carried an impressive sketch of the doctor and the efforts he made to save the lives of kids on his own efforts, amidst lack of any support from the state government. A DNA report while highlighting the stupendous efforts by Dr Khan to save the lives of the innocent children says, “Dr Kafeel Khan, the head of the encephalitis ward and a paediatrician, managed to save many lives and the parents in the hospital had said that had it not been for Khan’s work, the number of deaths in the past 48 hours would be more than 36…On the night of August 10, the central oxygen pipeline in the college premises started beeping, indicating low supply of the gas. The doctors and hospital staff knew that the supply could be maintained through emergency cylinders, but only for two hours. They did not know what to do after that”.

The report goes on to add, “Khan knew that uninterrupted oxygen to critically ill children, was the only life-saving medicine, to save lives of those suffering from encephalitis…A few called up the supplier, only to be told that they will send fresh supplies only after clearance of their dues. Refusal from other suppliers caused more panic in the hospital. But Khan did not lose hope. He drove two hospitals employees in his car to his friend’s private nursing home and borrowed three oxygen cylinders…Before leaving the hospital, he had given standing instructions to junior doctors on duty and paramedical staff to keep pumping Ambu bags if the oxygen supply further reduced in the central pipeline… While others doctors gave up hope, Dr Khan managed the situation well by arranging oxygen cylinders from private nursing homes. He saved many lives by his efforts and presence of mind,” said Gaurav Tripathi, an eyewitness”.

A report in, an apparently saffron inspired website has made unsubstantiated allegations against Dr Kafeel. The report says, “In 2009 he was arrested for impersonating another student in the National board exam. He was suspended by Manipal university for that criminal case against him and the High Court had upheld the verdict.

If that is not enough, the report claims that Dr Khan “runs a hospital named “Medispring hospital”. He is the head of the encephalitis ward and according to the media he drove around looking for oxygen cylinders because it was a dire emergency”.

Despite huge traffic that apparently this website gets, the typos and grammatical mistakes make the news completely unreadable. But apparently this is not the only website that has made such claims. Another website too makes similarly unsubstantiated allegations against the Good Samaritan. The fact that these reports have been shared by thousands of people shows the wide reach of such sites spreading unfounded rumors about him.

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