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San Bernardino school shooting – Cedric Anderson kills wife Karen Smith, 1 student

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Cedric Anderson is said to be the person who killed his own wife, Karen Smith, at the San Bernardino elementary school. An eight year old student was also shot dead on the same occasion, while another young student of 9 years was also fatally injured on the occasion.

Authorities claim that the shooter has been identified as 53-year old Cedric Charles Anderson. Police claim that they are sure that the target of the assailant were not children of the school but the teacher, who was his estranged wife. The assailant, after killing Karen Smith, a teacher at the elementary school killed himself.

Authorities claim that Karen Smith, who was a special education teacher was his estranged wife. Officials claim that the student that unfortunately lost the life in the melee has been identified as 8-year old Jonathan Martinez

At the time of the incident when the shooter barged into the class, rather unchallenged, there were at least 15 students, all of them very young. Besides, there were two adult aides in the classroom.

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, while talking about the entire incident said that the killer who has been identified Cedric Anderson barged into the classroom and opened fire on his wife without saying anything. “He came in a very, very quick manner and quickly, upon entering the classroom, started shooting” the officer said.

After pumping several bullets in his wife’s body that also hid two ids, he killed himself.
In the meantime a 9-year old girl, Marissa Perez, who was present in the class was quoted by Los Angeles Times as saying, “The [man] just walked in with the gun. He just shot everywhere,” Marissa told the newspaper. “I went under the table and then I saw a teacher run out. So I just ran out. My friend and my teacher, they got shot.”

While entering the school, the shooter looked decent and didn’t do anything that could invite suspicion or special attention. he also gave his identity while checking into the office. “He simply said he was there to drop something off there with his wife,” police official said.

As far as the make of the gun is concerned, Burguan said he believes the gun used in the shooting was a .357 Magnum. It was recovered at the scene next to Anderson. He said they have not yet determined if the gun was legally owned and registered to Anderson.

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