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Samsung Galaxy S8 phone – Hottest features include Infinity Display and Bixby

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 phone has been launched, giving an opportunity to the Korean tech giant to finally come out with a handset that will not just become a massive hit, but also erase the negative memories of Galaxy Note 7. The handset is already being praised by smartphone mavens across the globe and people are certainly awestruck by it.

There is no denying that people just wanted to be sure that it doesn’t really come with an exploding battery. Jokes apart, the last Galaxy Note 7’s exploding batteries had caused immense loss, both financial and of reputation, to the world’s biggest smartphone maker.

Worse was the inability of the Samsung to correct the wrong. This forced the company to take back millions of handsets sold across the world at a cost that ran in at least $5billion.

The tech giant has launched the handset unusually early, probably to tide over some of the losses incurred last year due to the botched launched on Note 7. Analysts believe that the handset will make people forget the wrongs committed by the tech giant with the previous Note 7. Here we take a look at the handset’s two most talked about features.

Infinity Display

The Galaxy S8 comes with a massive 5.8-inch display, making oversized handsets look absolutely normal. But the best thing about this handset is its Infinity Display that makes the handset look nothing more than a normal size handset. The handset makes the bezel completely invisible.

The handset comes with immense beauty quotient. Galaxy S8 comes with a clean, unbranded face; a bright, fluid-looking display; and a mirror-like glass back. A Guardian report while talking about its display says, “The new phones’ most eye-catching feature is an almost completely bezel-free display, running the full width of the device, even curving around the edge (akin to the screen on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge), and shrinking the chin and forehead of the front screen to tiny slivers. Samsung’s calls this the “infinity display”, and even the home button has been removed, replaced with a pressure-sensitive section at the bottom of the screen”.

Samsung has added a new feature with the feature rich handset that is going to redefine smartphone experience. One of these features is Bixby, the tech giant’s very own virtual assistant. There is no denying that the smartphone maker is trying to position itself as a virtual assistant that’s largely focused on helping you get stuff done on the phone itself: you can set reminders, search through photo galleries, and cast your phone screen to your Wi-Fi-connected TV, all by pressing a dedicated Bixby button and talking to it.

A BGR reviewer while talking about the Bixby says, “It’s obviously far too soon to compare Bixby to any other virtual personal assistant products out there, though a number of gadget blogs out there have inexplicably already tried to do so. Early impressions generally seem positive though, and we’re looking forward to putting Bixby through the paces when we review Samsung’s new phones…Bixby Vision is an extension of Bixby that brings the physical world around you into the picture. Literally. Using the camera on the Galaxy S8 or S8+, Bixby Vision allows the phones to “look” at their surroundings and offer useful information to users”.

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