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Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Japan – Latest Photos, Videos

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Volcano eruptions in Japan are taking place one after the other, the land of thousands of volcanoes. These volcanoes are spread throughout Japan and despite the danger they pose, the volcano watchers risk everything to be able to watch their eruptions from very close quarters.

Volcano watchers are excited to know about Sakurajima volcano eruption. The Sakurajima volcano has been sitting pretty quite for the last several months. The new eruption reportedly follows a vulcanian-type explosion that reportedly happened around a week ago on 25 Mar.

A report while talking about the latest eruption at famed Sakurajima volcano says that the explosion reportedly happened at Minamidake summit crater and was relatively powerful. For the volcano watchers, the only disappointing aspect about the eruption was the fact that it produced small pyroclastic flows but only a relatively low ash plume.

The eruption initially spewed ash, though relatively low amount of ash and stopped. It is still to be determined if the volcano is entering now a phase of more frequent explosions (as it had been doing typically during most of the past years until 2015) remains to be seen.

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