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Rohtak gang rape and murder – parents shocked as authorities keep away, photos, video

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New Delhi: Rohtak gang rape on 14th May has completely shocked the people not just in Haryana, but also in the neighboring Delhi. The 23-year old woman whose parents had filed a missing person’s report at Sonipat Police station was found gang-raped with badly mutilated body.

And shockingly, the incident has happened so close to Delhi that people are stunned beyond words. Reports suggest that the young woman was kidnapped from her home in Haryana’s Sonipat this past Tuesday. Authorities claim that the woman was forcibly taken to Rohtak district from there where she was repeatedly raped and then brutally murdered.

It seems that her rapists and killers wanted to make her face unrecognizable and not leave any evidence of the crime. Police said that the criminals involved in sexual assault and then brutal murder hit her with a brick on her head and face several times.

Following a few lead, the police were able to arrest two men who were accused of killing the woman. The two recognized as Sumit and Vikas have reportedly been arrested. Sumit, police claim was an acquaintance of the woman.

Media reports suggest that the 23-year old woman’s body was rendered all the more unrecognizable as dogs had bitten away her face and several other parts of the body. Her body was spotted by a passerby in the urban estate area of Rohtak on Thursday.

The incident seems akin to Nirbhaya gang rape that took place some three years ago in the national capital. Four people accused in her rape and murder have been given death penalty by apex court. In the meantime, Rohtak Gang rape victim’s parents have demanded that the rapists of their daughter be hanged. They allege neither the police nor anyone from the government has visited them so far.

In the meantime Sonia Gandhi, the Congress party president has expressed deep shock and outrage over the gang-rape and murder, and highlighted the need for “revisiting” the issue of women’s safety. “This savage and bone-chilling incident has shocked the conscience of the nation, reminding each one of us about the crying need for revisiting the important issue of women’s safety and security,” she said in a statement.

The girl had passed her class 10th exam but had to discontinue her studies due to lack of resources. The victim’s mother, who is still under trauma, also accused the police of not taking their complaint seriously. “He (Sumit) used to waylay my daughter and intimidate her with a pistol. Finally, she slapped him a few days ago out of exasperation. He said he will come back for revenge, which he did. Had police arrested Sumit when we lodged a complaint against him months ago, this would not have happened,” she said.

On the other hand Shenvi, denied the charge. “Some time back, the victim and her mother told us that the main suspect was harassing her with demands of marriage. It was done verbally – there was no written complaint. Moreover, the two came down to the police station later to say that there was no need for police action because they had struck a compromise,” he said.

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