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Roger Moore wife Kristina Tholstrup – Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Photos, video

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Roger Moore, the renowned actor who passed away yesterday, married his fourth and the last wife, Kristina Tholstrup, rather very late. He married his fourth wife in the year 2002, when he was a good 74year old. He was seeing Kristina Tholstrup, also known as Kiki even while he was married to Luisa Mattioli, an actress. His marriage with Luisa Mattioli had lasted close to thirty years, while the two lived together for close to thirty five years.

When Roger Moore, who played James Bond in seven Bond movies, married Born in 1941, he had been married three times and Kristina was his fourth wife. Kristina too was not marrying for the first time. She had been married twice and had a daughter of her own.

Reports suggest that when she married the renowned actor, her fortunes, that she had reportedly inherited from her previous marriages far surpassed Sir Roger Moore’s fortunes. If her fortunes from her previous marriages to Swedish business magnates were not enough, the socialite was paid £10million by the Daily Mail after winning a libel case.

Kristina and Luisa Mattioli were very close friends when Kristina and Roger fell in love. Roger and Luisa split in 1993, but they reconnected after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he “reassessed” his relationships. Mattioli’s friendship with Tholstrup went south when she learn of her husband’s feelings. In her autobiography Nothing Lasts Forever, she described how she felt betrayed by Tholstrup and discarded by Moore. She added that she believed Tholstrup “wanted to become me” and described her as “a hanger-on who has had two husbands and three facelifts.”

Roger married Kristina in 2002 immediately after his marriage with Mattioli was dissolved by a court. He later described their marriage as a “tranquil” one and described Kristina as his “soul mate”. According to Moore’s book My Word is My Bond, Kristina asked a mutual friend to pass on a message to Roger wishing him well, and he started thinking about her a lot after that. “Kristina asked him to pass on her love to me and said she hoped that all would be well, and that I’d have a speedy recovery,” Moore writes in his book. “I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing her until after spring the following year, when we moved back to St. Paul, and I found myself starting to think about her a lot. She knew what I was going through and, as it happens, was thinking about me a lot.”

Despite their obvious anger at his fourth marriage and the way he divorced their mother, Moore’s children wished him well for his fourth marriage. “We support his happiness and if he is happy then I am happy,” Roger’s son Geoffrey told Hello Magazine. “I did not go. There was no family there. He wanted to do it in a low-key way and went off and did it.” Moore later said that he did not invite his kids to the wedding, not wanting to put them in an awkward spot. “Actually, I didn’t invite them because I didn’t want to put them in a difficult position,” he told the Evening Standard. “They have great loyalty to their mother. But, in the end, I trusted we would all be reconciled, and we are. They now get on with Kristina and accept her importance in my life.”

When Kristina married Moore, she had one daughter, Christina Knudsen. She passed away last year at the age of 47 after a battle with cancer. Roger had two sons – Christian and Geoffrey Robert Moore – and one daughter, Deborah.

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