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Rebekah Caldwell Mason husband Jon Mason loses state job – Did he knew Robert Bentley affair?

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In a development with far-reaching implications for the husband of former Alabama governor Robert Bentley’s mistress, Jon Mason has been given a marching order. A CNN report says that Jon Mason has been removed from his job following the change of Governor in the state.

Robert Bentley, who was re-elected in 2015 and whose tenure would have ended in 2019had the current sex controversy not hit him, had to resign under duress on Monday. He was forced to resign, give up the money in his campaign fund and pay a small bail bond to come out of the prison. He will never be able to run for any office in future. At 74-years of age, the entire controversy looks like something completely uncalled for and insane.

In the meantime Robert Bentley’s exit from the Governor House has deprived his mistress’ husband his well-paying job. Governor’s Office has confirmed that Mr Mason has lost his state job.

It should be kept in mind that Mr Mason was appointed as the director of SERVE Alabama, the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Volunteer Services in 2011. Mason, a former meteorologist, earned $91,400 a year. The change occurred this morning, according to a spokesperson with Gov. Kay Ivey’s office, as part of an evaluation of all cabinet posts. Cabinet members were asked to turn in letters of resignation; Mason’s was accepted.

In the meantime couple is going to face further trouble in the coming days. It has been reported that Rebekah Mason and her husband failed to report tens of thousands of dollars of income earned through consulting work.

Many people are wondering if Jon Mason knew about his wife’s affair with the former Governor. Linda Adams, Bentley’s director of scheduling, told House investigators that staff members believed Jon Mason was aware of the relationship. Adams said she told the governor “there were a lot of people using” him. “You were referring to a lot of people but in your mind were you focused on Rebekah Mason?” attorneys asked. “Rebekah Mason and her husband, yes,” Adams said. “Ray Charles could see what was going on. There was no way that man did not know what was going on.”

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