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Reasons why ulama should keep their mouth shut during election time

By MJH, ViewsHeadlines

The Shahi Imam, Ahmad Bukhari’s announcement to support Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is heartening. Why he is doing so? Why he is so conscious about Muslims and their causes during the elections only?

Has he ever raised the issues of the community, related to their education, health and betterment? It is nothing but to divide the community and make them enemy of other parties.

Shahi Imam has cited the reason for the “BADHALI” of Muslims during Samajwadi party regime. Is it really true compared to the regime of the party whom he has announced to support?


Since the division of this country in 1947 almost all the present political parties be it Congress, BJP, Janata Party etc. have ruled this country and they have used this Muslim community just for winning elections, nothing more than vote bank.
Yes, small piece of bread is occasionally given to them just to shut their mouth so it doesn’t make much noise. Though this is the country of their choice and not of compulsion. There was option to Muslims but they chose to be here due to their love for this country.

At the state levels also, the allies of these major parties have ruled including BSP and Samajwadi in U.P.

At the time of partition, those who were left in India were by their own choice not by compulsion as they had choice to move out, but they chose as they loved their country. They lived here for their love of the country. But political parties used them without giving them their share of bread.

Here is the moot question, who is responsible for the bad condition of the Muslims. Is it only the government or our own leaders too are responsible? I am sure many of you would agree that our leaders be it political, social, religious etc. are also responsible for this disaster of the Muslim community.

It is very easy to raise fingers at others but very hard to accept our own faults. In the case of Indian Muslims, our own leader are equally responsible for this condition. Our Ulema, political leaders are divided in different camps and groups for their own flimsy interest. There are not many sincere Muslim leaders, selflessly working for the community and the nations, and fighting with the government for community’s causes.

During the election time, our Ulema also jump into the fray and give statements supporting or condemning different apolitical parties. This is like political parties blaming each other. They start selling themselves and the followers whom they use for their interests.

One example of Delhi / Bihar assemblies elections should be quoted here. During these elections none of these Ulema announced publicly their supports to any particular party and the result is in front of us. In spite of no announcement policy, one particular party, that raised Muslim and other communal issue completely failed and did not get even a single seat and the Muslim community was one and united. In Delhi election one person, without any request, jumped in support of one party and the result is known to us all.

Our Ulems, by doing so, are harming the Muslims in many ways. One is that their loyalty/honesty will always be doubtful because these political parties are not sure that this time they are with one particular party and next time they will be with someone else. Another harm is that by announcing their support to one particular party they are making the community enemy of other like-minded parties.

In the light of UP election, almost all the surveys have given the edge to SP-Congress alliance over other parties. What was the need for an announcement which may help division of Muslim votes and benefit others. We all know that who will be befitted by division of Muslim votes. If Muslim votes get divided, the BJP will be the direct beneficiary.

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