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Reality Winner arrested due to security features in printers – Photos

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Reality Winner’s arrest for leaking top secret files to media has come as a shock to many. The former Air Force veteran, who was proficient in Persian, Dari and Pashtu languages, spoken over a vast area in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, was apparently arrested merely a few hours after sending Xeroxed copy of the report to the media.

Initially there was a sense of shock over how the FBI came to know about copying and sending the material to the Intercept, despite not making her identity known to the media house. The way she was actually busted has amazed almost everyone.

Meanwhile, Reality Leigh Winner of Augusta, was presented before the federal court on June 5. She is under arrest and there is no sign that he may be released on bail before a court hearing scheduled for June 8. The 25-year old Air Force veteran has reportedly been charged with gathering, transmitting or losing defense information that could have been damaging to the U.S. Prosecutors claim that the woman, working for the defense contractor Pluribus International Corporation, printed an NSA document detailing how Russia had hacked a voting equipment vendor in Florida and was trying to breach local election systems right up until the days before November’s vote.

The latest arrest and the NSA leak happened merely three days ahead of former FBI director James Comey’s expected testimony Thursday before a Senate committee looking into the matter.

A CBS News while talking about how Reality Winner was caught says, “A trail of printing slipups led the FBI on Saturday to Winner’s home, where they arrested the former Air Force linguist…The pages from the NSA’s printers came with invisible tracking dots. This is a common feature in modern printers for forensics investigations, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They’re nearly invisible to the naked eye, but if you invert the colors, like Rob Graham from Errata Security did, they’re a lot more obvious…Those dots are part of a DocuColor pattern, a grid of 15 by 8 yellow dots repeated over the edges of printed pages. It’s a code packed with tracking information, and can be translated to tell you the time, date and serial number of the printer it came from”.

“By using the code in the leaked documents, Errata Security saw that the pages were printed on May 9 at 6:20 p.m., on a printer with the serial number 29535218” the report went on to add.

While her mother said that she didn’t like Donald Trump, but her Facebook page made her look like a fiesty woman who enjoyed running and working out in her gym.

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